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Wanted: Actors, models, extras and people of all ages, looks, backgrounds and levels of experience.

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Success Stories

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Daniel Litchfield Park, AZ

I have to say I am pleased to be 2 for 3 in landing roles offered by Movie Work Now. I have only been associated with MWN casting for less than 3 months. I was offered a principle role in an internet documentary for The producer Carolynn Delaney was a delight to work with. She even let me choose the location of the shoot. Awesome! My second job just cast, shot, and wrapped this week. I was cast opposite race car driver Danica Patrick in a PEAK oil and anti-freeze commercial. I have had some pretty awesome experiences in my previous military career, being mere feet away from heads of state, dictators, and terrorists. I have to say, this was not a bad experience to put in the "been there, done that, got the T-shirt" column of my bucket list. Annie and Patrice have been a delight to work with although we have yet to meet. Thanks MWN casting!

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Zachary Mesa, AZ

Just a note to express our thanks for giving Zachary this great opportunity to audition for a principle role for the Peter Piper Pizza commercial. Although he didn’t make the callback, it is a great learning experience for him that I know he values and appreciates. All the best and hope to hear from you soon regarding new opportunities!

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