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Casting Calls

Now Casting Actors for Comedy Web Series "The Family Gold"

MovieWork Now is announcing this on behalf of JNJ Productions Home Studio. They are casting actors for their internet comedy series titled "The Family Gold". Filming will take place over 2 days in Maricopa. Please read the character breakdowns and production details and apply if you are available and interested. Please make sure your headshots are current and professional in nature before applying.

Synopsis: When multi-millionaire Charles Gooldynstein dies, he leaves his family of infantile eccentrics and his college graduate-bound illegitimate daughter a final task before claiming their inheritance, live together in their childhood home for the entire month of December until Christmas eve or walk away with nothing.

Check out their web series pilot for THE ROGUE EQUATION,Their channel was inspired by Wong Fu and Rocketjump Productions. here are links to all three segments:

Character Breakdown

Mr. Charles Gooldynstein - Late 60s, Medium Build, Italian-Caucasian. Billionaire TV Producer who dies in the beginning of the web series, he is like "The Most Interesting Man".
Gabriel - Early 40s, Tall and Slender Build, Black. Mr. Gooldynstein's Assistant.
Mrs. Olivia Gooldynstein - Mid 50s, Slender Build, Italian-Caucasian. Mr. Gooldynstein's wife; the career woman who looks at everything logically.
Zuu Gooldynstein - Mid 30s, Muscular Build, Asian. The adopted Asian kid: tries really hard to be like Mr. Gooldynstein, but deep down all he wants to do is dance.
Cody Gooldynstein - Mid 30s, Medium Build, Italian-Caucasian. The pothead who could have been a lawyer, instead he became a pot farmer and speaks like he is Jamaican when talking with clients.
LaAisha Gooldynstein - Early 30s, Slender Build, African. The adopted black kid; internet vegan hipster club-promoter who is lost in her phone.
B-Rad Gooldystein - Late 20s, Heavy Build, Italian-Caucasian. The over-the-top ridiculous wanna-be wrestler who likes to dress up who tries to be funny but isn't.
Linn Gooldynstein - Late 20s, Overweight Build, Italian-Caucasian; with low self-esteem/mommy issues. Her mother is a politician.
Jeremy Gooldystein - Late 20s, Midget, Italian-Caucasian. The successful midget jockey who always makes his brother B-Rad look stupid, is a prankster.

Audition Details

Audition Dates: 10/4/2014, 10/5/2014.
Audition Times: By appointment only.
Audition Location: Maricopa 85139-exact address will be given if selected.

Audition Protocol: Scripts/sides provided with prepared monologue.

Production Details

Production Dates: 10/18, 10/19, 10/25, 10/26, 11/1
Production Location: Maricopa
Production Notes: Will be filming two consecutive days over the weekend with lodging provided.

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Chuck Scottsdale, AZ

Play golf or do some work for Moviework Now? was the question I asked myself. I am so glad I choose to be an extra/background or what ever I was doing because it was fun and the staff was very professional. We had plenty to eat and drink and easy to follow direction. I would do it again folks--it was actually more fun than when I actually worked in films for Warner Bros many years ago.

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