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Casting Calls

Now Casting Additional Extras for Arizona Utility Company Commercial

MovieWork Now is casting additional Extras for an upcoming Arizona Utility Company Commercial. For those that have an agent please ask permission before applying. Please read entire email and follow specific instructions. All roles have not been cast yet. Stay tuned to your emails.

Extras Breakdown

Caucasian type, light skin, light brown or blonde hair, 20's-30's, fit type. Hiker who splashes face with fresh water from creek. Must be available Wed. 1/28 and Thurs. 1/29 in Payson. Travel and food included.

Hispanic looking woman, age 60+. Lady will be in a gardening scene.

Male, ambiguous look, medium to dark hair, mixed ethnicity, age 28 to late 30's. Will play the role of dad.

4-7 year old boy or girl. Will play the role of child to above Dad role.

Hairdresser: Male or female. Prior experience a plus to make the shot realistic. Any age and ethnicity.

Male or female, any age/ethnicity. This person will allow hairdresser to play/style hair for this shot.

Production Details

Shoot Dates: 1/28/2015, 1/29/2015, 1/30/2015, 1/31/2015. Extras will only work one day for up to 4 hours. Keep wrap time flexible in case you must stay longer.
Compensation: $100 flat rate. All extras will be paid cash at wrap time.
Attire: TBD.

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Success Stories

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Chuck Scottsdale, AZ

Play golf or do some work for Moviework Now? was the question I asked myself. I am so glad I choose to be an extra/background or what ever I was doing because it was fun and the staff was very professional. We had plenty to eat and drink and easy to follow direction. I would do it again folks--it was actually more fun than when I actually worked in films for Warner Bros many years ago.

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