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Wanted: Actors, models, extras and people of all ages, looks, backgrounds and levels of experience.

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Success Stories

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Kimberly Phoenix, AZ

I was offered my first job as Jennifer Garner's stand-in in the upcoming movie "The Kingdom". Shortly thereafter, I was offered a print ad job for SRP. When I was called for it I was completely blown away by the pay. I made more money modeling for 4 hours than I do in 2 weeks at my regular job! I was ecstatic! I had a lot of fun, too. I felt so special. I had my own stylist which felt very "celebrity". I have always dreamed of working as an actress but I'm glad that I haven't had coaching or training. I like it that I have raw talent.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Daniel Tucson, AZ

I have always had a secret passion for music and acting but never thought of pursuing either until now. I was always inspired by "Spaghetti Westerns" because of the realistic detail to the era and even had an opportunity to play an Apache Indian in the late 60's in a western titled "High Chaparral" shot at Old Tucson studios. I recently was chosen for a print advertisement campaign for the Arizona Lottery which will appear in several media publications. I was called by MovieWork Now to go to an audition in Phoenix and at the audition they had me make several facial expressions and dance around as if I won the lottery. It was very quick and they were all very friendly. I got a call a few days later telling me that I was picked for the print portion of this job. The shoot was really fun and I have been treated so well by everyone at MovieWork Now and the production company.

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