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Wanted: Actors, models, extras and people of all ages, looks, backgrounds and levels of experience.

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Success Stories

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Carolyn Chandler, AZ

I recently worked for a print advertisement for Taylor Woodrow Homebuilder. The print advertisement was shot at a new development in Chandler and I got to play the part of a young grandmother baking cookies in the kitchen with her grandkids. I did not have to audition and the staff from MovieWork Now submitted my photo and I was selected for the scene from this. It was really fun!

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Dennis Scottsdale, AZ

THANK YOU for tracking me down on Sunday night! The "Chavez" shoot was a blast, and working with Michael Pena, Diego Luna, and Enrique Chediak was truly a delight...albeit a VERY long shooting day in the sun...ZOWIE! Fortunately, the scene called for us to be sweating in the sun, or I would have driven make-up CRAZY trying to keep me looking cool! So thanks again...given all the fun "stuff" I've had the opportunity to do over the years, this really raises the bar for me, and is a watershed film to be cast in. To get to have that much fun fun, and chew up the scenery in a great little role, really is pretty unique, at least for me.Thanks so much, and I am delighted it worked out so I could get down to Hermasillo for the shoot.

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