Casting Calls

Please note: Casting calls on productions that request confidentiality are not shown as talent will be selected and contacted directly.

Now Casting Eight Student Films Titled "The Big 8"

MovieWork Now is announcing this on behalf of Quickdraw Video. They are casting eight student independent films and are looking for actors for a variety of roles. Please read the talent needs and apply if you are available to audition and during the production dates.

Synopsis: Eight 10 minute independent films will be created spanning a variety of topics and genres.

Character Breakdown (per film)

DEAR, HENRY Oct 10th-12th Man-Character is a prehistoric caveman. Must carry film with 98% body language. Age: 21-28 Woman-Only her silhouette and legs will be shown. Age: 21-28, weight: proportional to height.

BED BUGS Oct 17th-19th Daniel White-Obsessive Compulsive Clean Freak. Must be comfortable on set and on camera in just their underwear (for a small portion of the film). Age: 25 -35, Fragile build, short brown hair. Patty White-Bubbly and Effervescent. Will Handle a Chihuahua Age: 25-30, petite build, long Brown Hair (Will have to color a portion of your hair with temporary coloring). Debra Ray-Shy and Soft spoken. Age: 25-30, fragile build, long Light color hair.

HOLDING ON Oct 31-Nov 2nd Jessica-Jessica is a young woman who's going through a very difficult period in her life. Age: 20-26, long brown hair. Man in Leather Jacket-Man in Leather Jacket is laid back. He wants to be comforting to other people. Age: 20-26, lean/fit build, short dark/light hair. Stubble Man in Suit-Man in Suit is uptight, but passionate. He's difficult and stubborn. Age: 20-26, lean build, short dark/light hair. Jessica's Sister: Jessica's Sister is a strong, caring woman. She cares about her sister deeply. Age: 24-28, slim to medium build, short brown hair.

THE LOST Nov 7th-9th Mikey-Young Caucasian male, age 10-15,can catch, throw and run football routes. Older brother is his idle. Happy, sweet, loving, energetic, curious. Max; Max is the older brother of Mikey. Caucasian male age 21-25, strong actor. He is a college student that travels back home with his girlfriend to see his family. He knows football routes, wide/quarterback stances, how to throw and catch a football. He soon becomes depressed and starts drinking. Dad-Dad is a business man. Caucasian male age 40-45. He enjoys watching football with his children and also loves playing with them whenever he isn't busy working. Mom-Mom is a housewife. Caucasian female age 40-45. Good cook. Happy, sweet, loving. Tori-Tori is Max's girlfriend. Caucasian female age 21-24. She's a college student who travels with Max to see his family. Police Officer #1 Police Officer #1 Male age 30's, any ethnicity. Sweet and caring. Van Dyke facial hair. Police Officer #2-He's a young rookie. Age 20's, any ethnicity.

VERSUS Nov 14th-16th John-A young boy that is picked on and bullied due to his size, which has led him to be quiet and unwilling to stand up for himself. Age 8-16. John (Adult)-The form young John takes in his imagination. He is bigger, stronger, faster, and easily able to face his fears in this form. Age: 25-27, muscular build. Ron-Ron is strong, caring, and pushes his child to face his fears. Age: 27-30, slim body type. Bad Man-Bad Man is the personification of John's fear. He is dark and cruel. Age: 25-27, muscular build. Lisa-She is sweet natured, kind, coddling and over protective of John. Age: 26-28, slight body type, dark brown/black hair.

HAPPY PLACE Nov 21st-23rd Sad Girl (Protagonist)- Age: 16-18, slim body type. A young teen who goes through depression and is easily manipulated by a handsome man. Strange Man (Antagonist)-Age: 28-32, muscular/athletic build. Handsome or photogenic face. A suave young man who uses manipulation as a tool to get what he wants. Nurse- Age: 38-42, average body, brown hair. A nurturing and compassionate woman.

UNDECIDED Dec 5th-7th Chris-Emotional wreck who finds solitude in alcohol. 18-22 year old Caucasian male. He's untrusting and doesn't like to be around people. Slender built. Has a strong muscular jawline. Humble Homeless-African American male age 45-55. Dirty, distraught and wise. He speaks many truths; war has made him tough. Concerned Teacher-Young, confident and big hearted push over. Male 20-30 years old. Teen Texter-Slender built female age 18-25. She's grown up in an age of technology and pays little to no attention to people that can't do something for her.

SAVED BY AN ANGEL Dec 12th-14th Wayne Powers-Aggressive young real estate agent. Male age 21-24. He accepts responsibility and is a take charge individual. Douglas Powers-Douglas had a great job but due to the pressures of being a top sales agent he starts drinking. Strong male actor age 21-24. Brian Phillips Brian is a US Marine. He became an addict. He hit bottom and climbed his way out of hell. He works out every day and eats the right foods.Male age 25-30, body builder. Rachel-Rachel is a nurse. She worked and paid her way thru nursing school. Female age 21-24. Busy Body Nurse (Julie)-She is always talking. Just barely gets her job done. Female age 21-25. Angel-Angel is Wayne Powers' Guardian Angel. She does what she is directed to do. She is one of the best of her class of angels. Female age 21-24.

Audition/Production Information

Audition Date: 9/26/2014
Audition Times/Location: By appointment only. Glendale Community College.
Audition Protocol: Cold read, script provided at audition. Bring headshot and resume.
Production Dates: Various depending on film
Compensation: If cast, $50.00 per day plus food, drinks.

Now Casting Actors for Comedy Web Series "The Family Gold"

MovieWork Now is announcing this on behalf of JNJ Productions Home Studio. They are casting actors for their internet comedy series titled "The Family Gold". Filming will take place over 2 days in Maricopa. Please read the character breakdowns and production details and apply if you are available and interested. Please make sure your headshots are current and professional in nature before applying.

Synopsis: When multi-millionaire Charles Gooldynstein dies, he leaves his family of infantile eccentrics and his college graduate-bound illegitimate daughter a final task before claiming their inheritance, live together in their childhood home for the entire month of December until Christmas eve or walk away with nothing.

Check out their web series pilot for THE ROGUE EQUATION,Their channel was inspired by Wong Fu and Rocketjump Productions. here are links to all three segments:

Character Breakdown

Mr. Charles Gooldynstein - Late 60s, Medium Build, Italian-Caucasian. Billionaire TV Producer who dies in the beginning of the web series, he is like "The Most Interesting Man".
Gabriel - Early 40s, Tall and Slender Build, Black. Mr. Gooldynstein's Assistant.
Mrs. Olivia Gooldynstein - Mid 50s, Slender Build, Italian-Caucasian. Mr. Gooldynstein's wife; the career woman who looks at everything logically.
Zuu Gooldynstein - Mid 30s, Muscular Build, Asian. The adopted Asian kid: tries really hard to be like Mr. Gooldynstein, but deep down all he wants to do is dance.
Cody Gooldynstein - Mid 30s, Medium Build, Italian-Caucasian. The pothead who could have been a lawyer, instead he became a pot farmer and speaks like he is Jamaican when talking with clients.
LaAisha Gooldynstein - Early 30s, Slender Build, African. The adopted black kid; internet vegan hipster club-promoter who is lost in her phone.
B-Rad Gooldystein - Late 20s, Heavy Build, Italian-Caucasian. The over-the-top ridiculous wanna-be wrestler who likes to dress up who tries to be funny but isn't.
Linn Gooldynstein - Late 20s, Overweight Build, Italian-Caucasian; with low self-esteem/mommy issues. Her mother is a politician.
Jeremy Gooldystein - Late 20s, Midget, Italian-Caucasian. The successful midget jockey who always makes his brother B-Rad look stupid, is a prankster.

Audition Details

Audition Dates: 10/4/2014, 10/5/2014.
Audition Times: By appointment only.
Audition Location: Maricopa 85139-exact address will be given if selected.

Audition Protocol: Scripts/sides provided with prepared monologue.

Production Details

Production Dates: 10/18, 10/19, 10/25, 10/26, 11/1
Production Location: Maricopa
Production Notes: Will be filming two consecutive days over the weekend with lodging provided.

Now Casting Male Host for Industrial Videos

MovieWork Now is casting a male host for their upcoming industrial videos which explore a housing community near Phoenix. The actor will need to have good conversational skills and host-like abilities since he will be talking to camera and conducting interviews. Please read the talent needs and apply if you are a fit and are available for the production dates.

Role Breakdown

Male actor, age 40's to 50's, personable host and experience with on-camera speaking roles preferred. All ethnicities are welcome. Non union talent only. If you have an agent please check with them prior to applying. Talent may be required to audition but we are only submitting headshots at this time. Please make sure your headshot is up to date and professional in nature. A smiling headshot is preferred.

Project Details

Project Dates: 9/28, 9/29, 9/30, 10/1.

Project Location: Phoenix-exact address will be given if selected.

Project Usage: Series of 7 videos will be filmed. Online usage only for one year.

Project Rate: $500 per day (4 days are required).

Phoenix Screenwriters Association Presents "Actors Reading Writers"

MovieWork Now is announcing this on behalf of The Phoenix Screenwriters Associaton (PSA). They have a new monthly event for fellow actors interested in honing their craft. "In The Works: Actors Reading Writers" is a monthly event which allows actors to read excerpts from local writer's scripts in progress. This is followed by feedback for the writers and networking for everyone. Please read the details regarding this monthly event and if interested then just show up at the appropriate time and place.

Call For Actors!

Want to read a part? Sign in anytime after 6:15pm. At 6:30pm sharp, parts will be assigned with preference given to those who arrive first.

Call For Writers!

Come by and learn how you can sign up to have your work read at future events.

Actors Reading Writers Event Information

Location: Speakeasy Comedy Lounge, 5101 N. Scottsdale Rd. Just North of Chaparral Rd. in th Papi Chulo's Mexican Grill and Cantina, part of the Days Inn Hotel.

When: The third Tuesday of every month, starting September 16th.

Time: 6:15pm to 9:00pm.

How: The event is free so help us keep it that way: please order a meal or beverages from the venue, and be sure to take care of your server!

No need to apply for this. Just show up and be prepared to have a blast!