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Please note: Casting calls from productions that request confidentiality are not shown. Talent will be selected and contacted directly.

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Casting Talent For Best Western Commercial Shooting In Phoenix Arizona

Location: Arizona

Now Casting Talent for Best Western Commercial. Please read entire alert and submit only if 100% available. You may not find out if cast until the day before shoot at the latest. Keep entire shoot date open for this shoot if you submit.

Talent Breakdown (all speaking roles):

Females, ages 20's/30's and 50's, any ethnicity.

Males, ages 20's/40's and 50's, any ethnicity.

Older Man, age 50+, any ethnicity. Must have a deep speaking tone of voice. Main character.

Production Breakdown:

Shoot date: Oct. 4th or Oct. 5th. Will shoot half of one day only.

Compensation: $300 flat rate. Does take 30-90 days to receive payment.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona.

    Casting Models For Industrial In Phoenix Arizona

    Location: Arizona

    Our team is casting for an Industrial Project shooting in Phoenix, Arizona. Please read the entire casting alert then apply accordingly if you fit the requirements and availability.


    Inversions: Client will sit in vehicle while it rolls over 90 degree angle for court study case.

    Casting Breakdown-

    #1 Surrogate Model: Female, age 15-29 range, any ethnicity.

    Height: 5'3"-5'4" without shoes.

    Weight: 150-155lbs without shoes.

    #2 Surrogate Model: Male, age 18+, any ethnicity.

    Height: 5'9"-5'10" without shoes.

    Weight: 185-190lbs without shoes.

    Measurement Appointment-

    Date: ASAP.

    Time: Between the hours of 8am-4:45pm. Will only take 15 minutes max.

    Location: Phoenix, Arizona.

    Compensation: $25. Yes, you will be compensated for measurements.

    Project Information-

    Date: Mon. 9/26.

    Time: TBD. Must be available all day if needed.

    Location: Phoenix area.

    Compensation: $50 per hour with a 3 hour minimum guarantee. Keep in mind projects do take anywhere from 30-90 days to receive payment. All checks are mailed directly to your address on file.

    Attire: Casual.

      Now Casting Actors for Modern Musical Feature Film

      Location: Arizona

      MovieWork Now is announcing this on behalf of Apostrophate Me and Ocean Media, LLC. They are casting a modern musical and are looking for talented actors  to invite to their upcoming auditions. Please read the character breakdown and apply if you are available and interested. There will be no singing at the audition....just acting and bringing your interpretation to the roles.

      Synopsis: Apostrophate me is a modern musical that incorporates rock, hip hop, electronica, and edgy industrial sounds within the story of a young man/boy named Michale who is trying to find himself during a trip to his parent's homeland of Ireland. The script and music were written primarily by Colin O'Donohoe (World Maestro) with help from Alan Roy Scott and Robin Shou. While it was originally written as a musical in recent months there has been interest in optioning this for screen.

      Character Breakdown

      MIKE - The Lead. He is 16/17 years old first generation American who is traveling to Ireland alongside his Grandmother and Aunt who is a nun. He is cool but Naive. He plays guiter in a rock band and is never without his guitar. His band has a bit of a following locally in the states which provides him ego. He does come across as shy and quite. Although is is highly intelligent, he is clueless to real life street smarts of which he as none.

      SEAN - Older than Mike, perhaps 20-21 years old. He is the life of every party and Mr. Cool. He takes pride in his reputation and as always being the coolest person where ever he goes. He is also a bit of a rebel and trouble maker.

      OWEN - Age 20-21 years old. Member of SEAN'S circle. Hi is best friends with Colin and the two of them are the comic relief of the play.

      COLIN - Age 20-21 years old. A mirror to OWEN and a major pat of the comic relief in the play.

      LEAH - Female Lead. Age 19-21 years old. MIKE'S love interest. She is very feminine and always wearing flowing clothes and acting more delicately than the other girls. LEAH is part of SEAN'S clique and is best friends with MAGGIE and JENNY. She is very strong willed and determined.

      MAGGIE - Age 19-21 years old. First to show an interest in MIKE and always trying to find a man. She is single and hating it. She tries to act feminine at times, tries to act cool sometimes, but can never find the right way for herself.

      JENNY - Age 19-21 years old. She is a vet student and highly intelligent. She is generally the leader of the group of girls and seems to know more about life than either of the other girls. She plays a crucial role in helping SEAN and MIKE later in the play.

      Audition Information

      Audition Date: 10/08/2016

      Audition Location: Phoenix, AZ

      Audition Protocol: Open call, Script will be emailed to the candidate.

      How to Apply: 1. Like Apostrophate Me on Facebook 2. This audition is only acting there will be no singing 3. Click the apply link below and be sure to list any experience you would like them to know about.5. Request a script by applying 6. After reading the script write Colin again to say who you will be auditioning for.

      Casting Roles For Short Film Titled Netfall Shooting In Phoenix Arizona

      Location: Arizona

      MovieWork Now is announcing this on behalf of Broken Door Media LLC. Currently casting non union background extras and featured extras for the upcoming short film titled "Netfall." Please read the talent needs and apply if available and interested.


      Cyber Crime of the 22nd century has a virtually dangerous landscape made up of hacker's and viruses that will stop at nothing to prey on the innocent surfers of the Net...but when there's crime, there's always a Force to stop it.

      Talent Breakdown

      Doctor: 20's-50s, male or female, speaking role. The doctor shows great care of their patients and is very expressive with facial reactions. Shoot date: 10/6. $75 flat rate.

      Pilot: 20's-30's, male or female, speaking role. The pilot is confident with their skill and shows active leadership. Shoot date: 10/5. $75 flat rate.

      Tech: 20's-30's, male or female, speaking role. Open to personality. Shoot date: 10/6. $50 flat rate.

      Nurse: 20's-30's, female, non speaking. Featured Extra. Shoot date: 10/6. $50 flat rate.

      Tech 2 & 3: 20's-40's, male or female, non speaking. Featured Extra. Shoot Date: 10/6. $50 flat rate.

      SWAT Member#3: 20's-30's, male, non speaking. Physical acting required. Athletic build. Shoot dates: 10/5 & 10/6. $75 flat rate per day.

      Bodyguards: 20's-30's, males, non speaking. Physical acting required. Athletic build. Shoot date: 10/7. $50 flat rate.

      Production Information

      Production Date: TBD (end of September).
      Production Location: TBD.
      Production Time: TBD.
      Usage: Short Film
      Compensation: Yes. See above next to role.