Casting Calls

Please note: Casting calls on productions that request confidentiality are not shown as talent will be selected and contacted directly.

Now Casting Discovery ID TV Series "Love The Way You Lie" Episode 3

Now submitting talent for Episode 3 of "LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE"!

MovieWork Now is proud to announce we have been hired to handle the background casting for RAW TV a 6 episode TV series for Discovery ID (Investigative Discovery True Crime Stories). All 6 episodes will film in and around the Phoenix area starting April 8th - May 16th. We will announce the upcoming roles as we move forward with this series. The first two episodes were a huge success and production is very happy with everyone involved!

The following are the talent needs for Episode 3. Please read the talent breakdowns and apply if you are a match and are available next week to be a part of this third episode. You must have a flexible schedule as we do not have specific shoot dates, locations or times for the following roles listed. We need new faces so if you were booked on Episode 1 or 2 please DO NOT apply!

Synopsis: No synopsis available at this time.

Talent Needs for week of April 22nd - April 25th (New Faces Only!)

Featured Roles

  • Detective-Male age 40's, any ethnicity, clean cut appearance, law enforcement look, on camera experience preferred.
  • Supervisor- Female age 50's, any ethnicity, clean cut, on camera experience preferred.

Background Extra Roles (Each person may play multiple roles!)

  • Receptionist/Holiday Party Guest 1 - Attractive female early 30's, clean cut, physically fit, any ethnicity.
  • Office Worker/Holiday Party Guest 2/House Party Guest 1/Forensic Investigator - Male, age 30-40, clean cut, nice appearance.
  • Office Worker/Holiday Party Guest 3 - Male age 30-40, attractive and clean cut.
  • Office Worker/Holiday Party Guest 4 - Male age 30-40, attractive and clean cut.
  • Office Worker/Holiday Party Guest 5 - Male age 30-40, attractive and clean cut.
  • Office Worker/Holiday Party Guest 6 - Female age 30-40, attractive and clean cut.
  • Office Worker/Holiday Party Guest 7- Female age 30-40, attractive and clean cut.
  • Laurie Office Worker 1/Bartender - Male age 30-50, any ethnicity
  • Lauri Office Worker 2/Detective/Holiday Party Guest 8 - Male age 30-50, any ethnicity
  • Laurie Office Worker 3/Corrections Officer/Holiday Party Guest 9 - Male age 30-50, any ethnicity
  • Laurie Office Worker 4/Inmate/Holiday Party Guest 10/House Party Guest 2 - Female age 30-50, any ethnicity
  • Laurie Office Worker 5/Holiday Party Guest 11/House Party Guest 3/Forensics Investigator - Female age 30-50, any ethnicity
  • Laurie Office Worker 6/Holiday Party Guest 12 - Female age 30-50, any ethnicity
  • Officer Ann Weed - Caucasian female early 30's, on-camera experience required. *do not apply for this role if you do not have experience!
  • Police Officer/Forensics Investigator - Male age 30-40, any ethnicity, clean cut, law enforcement look
  • Medical Examiner - Male or Female age 30-40, any ethnicity, clean cut

Production Details

Dates: April 22nd-25th. Talent will only work 1-2 days on set.

Times: TBD-you must be available all day! We are getting a lot of people applying and getting booked who then flake the night before saying they have to go to work! Do not apply if you have any conflicts or even the slightest chance of having a class or work or other conflicts. This creates a huge problem!

Locations: TBD

Compensation: Featured Extras earn $125 flat rate for up to 12 hours. Time and a half over 12 hours. $25 bump if given speaking line on set. Background extras earn $100 flat for up to 12 hours and 1.5 over 12.

Now Casting Family for Pharrell Music Video

MovieWork Now is casting a family for an exciting music video for the Grammy Award winning musician Pharrell Williams. This is a non-union shoot. You do not need to be an actual family to be considered. The family will be shooting an RV scene for the song titled "Come Get It Bae".

Talent Needs

Father: Caucasian Male, age 30-60. Non-speaking extra role.

Mother: Caucasian Female, age 30-60. Non-speaking extra role.

Son: Caucasian Male, age 5-17. Non-speaking extra role.

Daughter: Caucasian Female, age 5-17. Non-speaking extra role.

*If anyone owns an RV or Camper please let us know*

Production Details

Shoot Date: Shoots one day between April 25-April 27. Must be available all 3 days to be considered.
Time: TBD
Location: TBD. Exact location will be disclosed upon being cast. This will take place in the Grand Canyon area.
Compensation: $130 flat rate (no travel or lodging expenses) per role.

Senior Male Models Needed for Industrial Project

MovieWork Now is now casting models for an upcoming industrial project. Check your measurements without shoes before applying.


Male, ages 60-100, any size/ethnicity. Models must have a valid driver's license, no exceptions.


No measurements required!


Models will drive an assigned vehicle while being recorded. Footage will be used for court cases. This is completely safe.


Date: Wed. April 23, 2014.

Time: TBD. Must be available anytime.

Location: Phoenix, AZ 85027.

Pay Rate: $50 per hour with a 3 hour minimum guarantee. Keep in mind projects do take anywhere from 30-90 days for payment.

Now Casting Real People for Cleaning Device Infomercial

MovieWork Now is casting real people that clean often and feel it's a pain to clean a specific area. Whether it's a small space and lots of animal hair to constantly clean up, it's a pain to clean. We will be shooting two different infomercials. One will consist of a mop and other of a vacuum device. The makers of Euroflex have come up with a new line titled: Monster Line. This is a non-union project. For those that have an agent please ask permission before applying.

Talent Needs

Males or females, age 18-100, all looks, ethnicities and sizes are welcome to apply. We are looking for real people with real life cleaning stories.

Production Information

Dates: Filming will take place one day the first week of May.

Location: Filming will take place in your home. Read the information below regarding the video and you'll know why we will be filming at your home.

Compensation: $250 flat rate plus cleaning items ($50 value).