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Teen Pilot Casting In Miami Florida

Location: Florida

Application Deadline: Sunday, June 04, 2017

Teen Pilot shooting in Miami, Florida. Read all the detail then apply if you fit the requirements.

Casting Specifics

CHEERLEADERS: Females, age 14-22 looking, any ethnicity. Must look high school age. Preferably real life cheerleaders.

Production Details

Shoot Date: TBD. Must have a flexible schedule.

Shoot Location: Miami Florida

Shoot Time: TBD

Compensation: $85 flat rate. If upgraded on set, your rate will be increased to $200.

    We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

    Now Submitting Kids and Adults For an Upcoming Holiday Inn Hotel Print Shoot

    Location: Florida

    Application Deadline: Sunday, June 10, 2018

    MovieWork Now is submitting talent for an upcoming print shoot for a Holiday Inn Hotel. Talent will play business clients, bar patrons and family on vacation. These are principal and background extra model roles. Please read the talent needs and apply if available for all pertinent audition and production dates.

    Talent Description

    Business Scenario: Males and females age 30-59, all ethnicities.
    Bar Scenario: Males and females, age 21-35, all ethnicities.
    Family Scenario: Boys and girls, age 6-10, all ethnicities.
    Family Scenario: Moms and dads, age 30-39, all ethnicities.

    Production Information

    Dates: 6/11/2018, 6/12/2018, 6/13/2018 - Talent will only work one day.
    Non recognizable Background Extras Compensation: $500.00 for background extras.
    Recognizable Principals Compensation-Adults: $500 plus additional $1,500.

    Recognizable Principals Compensation-Kids: $500 plus additional $1,000.

    To Apply:

    1. If interested click on the "apply" link at the bottom of this casting alert.
    2. You will be directed to our online application.
    3. Type in the scenario you are applying for. Example "Business", "Bar" or "Family".
    4. Experience not necessary but you must be able to speak on camera and show your personality during audition.
    5. Please make sure your headshot shows you in a good light.
    6. Type in your contact phone 1 and 2. This will also update our system.
    7. Click "apply to casting notice".
    8. A message will pop up confirming your application has been sent.
    9. Production team will contact you directly if cast.

    We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

    Now Casting Male and Female for Music Video

    Location: Arizona

    Application Deadline: Sunday, June 16, 2013

    MovieWork Now is submitting actors for a music video for Invictus Records titled "I Won't Stay" filming Tuesday, June 18th. Please read the talent needs carefully and only apply if you are available for the shoot date.

    Additional Information

    Project: Music Video-alternative rock (Blink 182 and Green Day style)
    Synopsis: The band is shown setting up in garage for rehearsal. Lead singer, John, is calling or texting Cheating Girlfriend to see if she's coming over. She hits ignore on her phone and band starts to play. College Guy is picking her up on motorcycle. Cheating Girlfriend is primping in front of mirror which John can see her through as it is a "magic mirror". College Guy tries to pressure Cheating Girlfriend to go further than she wants. She kicks him out.

    Talent Breakdown

    Cheating Girlfriend-Caucasian female age 19-23, height 5'5"-5'11", weight proportionate. Girlfriend of lead singer cheats on him with College Guy.
    College Guy-Caucasian male age 19-23, physically fit, height 5'9" to 6'2". College guy with motorcycle that is dating Cheating Girl. If you have your own motorcyle to use during shoot that is preferred but not required. Must be able to ride.

    Production Information

    Shoot Date: Tuesday, June 18th.
    Time: 12:00pm-7:00pm-keep in mind this is tentative and subject to change.
    Location: Gilbert
    Talent Pay: $125.00 flat rate per role. If College Guy uses his own motorcycle then will be paid $175.00.

    We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

    Now Casting Actors for Poetry is Life Theatrical Production

    Location: Arizona

    Application Deadline: Sunday, June 18, 2017

    Now casting the following roles for the Theatrical Production of Poetry is Life. Please apply if you are available and you match the criteria for this project.

    Production Details

    Project Location: Arizona
    Project Type: Theatre
    Project Name: Poetry is Life
    Project Notes: Theatrical Production* Theatre, Stage, Musical
    Project Synopsis: **Not a political correct production** Very controversial* An Elder stands at The Gate of Heaven. He reflects on pivotal times in his life. Story told via, spoken word poetry, acting and music.
    Union Status: Non-Union
    Project Rate: TBA
    Project Usage: TBA
    Submissions Due By: 06/25/2017
    Submission Notes: Resume and head shot, make sure contact information is good.
    Shoot/Production Date(s): 10/07/2017
    Shoot Location: Mesa, AZ
    Shoot Notes: Stage, Musical production

    Roles/Character Breakdown

    *All roles require dual role*

    PASTOR: Black male, Masculine, Speaks well, Confident, Comical (perfect role for comedians). Age 35 and up.

    EGYPTIAN QUEEN: Black or Ethnic female (non white). Confident, speaks well, vocal ability a plus, dread locks, braids a plus, spoken word a plus (poetry). Age 21 and up.

    Role Notes: Pastor: Comical, over bearing, commanding. Egyptian Queen: Humble, direct, confident, sexy

    Audition Details

    Audition Date(s): 06/25/2017
    Audition Location: Tanner Garden-Dinner theatre room
    Audition Address: 4420 s 18th place
    Audition City: Phoenix, AZ
    Audition Zip: 85040
    Audition Time(s): 10:30 until 12:30 ***Do Not walk in before 10:30 am
    Audition Scheduling: Open Call
    Audition Protocol: cold read, sides provided, breif interview.
    Audition Notes: Be prepaired for cold reads. We can have you in out and out very quickly if need be. Please have head shot and resume with good contact information.

    CallBack Details

    Callback Date(s): 06/30/2017
    Callback Location: same
    Callback Address: same
    Callback City: same
    Callback Zip: 85040
    Callback Time(s): 5:00pm
    Callback Scheduling: Open Call
    Callback Protocol: cold reads
    Callback Notes: cold reads

    We are no longer accepting applications for this project.