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Now Casting Featured Extras 18+ For a Rideshare Commercial Shooting in Miami

Location: Florida

Application Deadline: Sunday, April 15, 2018

Now casting featured extras for a rideshare commercial promoting how to become a successful driver. This non-union commercial is looking for males and females 18+ as rideshare passengers. This will be a fun commercial to work on! 

Talent Needs

Males and Females (Rideshare Passengers): 18+ any ethnicity

Shoot Information

Submissions Deadline: April 15th

Shoot Dates: April 16th

Time: 8AM - 5PM

Compensation: $200 - (4 hours shooting per group)

To Apply:

  1. If interested click on the "apply" link at the bottom of this casting alert.
  2. You will be directed to our online application.
  3. Type in your contact phone 1 and 2. This will also update our system.
  4. Click "apply to casting notice".
  5. A message will pop up confirming your application has been sent.
  6. We will contact you directly if chosen for this project.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Moms and Daughters for Skin Care Product Trial

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Sunday, April 20, 2014

MovieWork Now is assisting producer Patsy Perkins in finding female candidates concerned about their aging skin for an upcoming product trial. Please read the talent needs and project description and apply if you are interested. We are accepting applications from ALL members and please share this if you know others that may be interested. We did this last year and all of the test subjects had a wonderful experience with the products and with our client! Don't miss out!

Product Test Subject Needs

Seeking positive, upbeat, forward thinking women between the ages of 45-65 who accept aging
as a natural process but seek ways to maintain healthy looking skin. We're also searching for
mothers / daughters ages 40-65. Take charge today of your aging process by becoming a
product tester for our Skin Care System!

Product Information

We will be testing four products: a calming cleanser, a replenishing serum, a moisturizer with spf and a body milk. All products are currently on the market so they are approved and safe for use.

  • Are you a women who believes in taking reasonable steps to maintain the health of your skin so you can look as good as you feel?
  • Are you starting to develop fine lines on your face and want to keep the progression toward developing deep wrinkles under control?
  • Or perhaps you just want to provide your skin with gentle care to keep it nourished so you can maintain that healthy glow and radiance?

This is not a product that promises to turn back the hands of time, but rather a great system that provides skin care qualities that nourish, replenish and hydrate the skin designed specifically for the issues of women in our age group. If you have had plastic surgery, or recent botox injections you are not eligible.

Additional Information

If you or someone you know fits this description the opportunity to test this Skin Care System may be for you. This is a pure product trial. There is no financial compensation, no financial obligations, no hidden shipping charges nor is this is a sales situation. All products will be provided to you for the 16-week trial. We will capture high end professionally shot "before" and "after" photos to document your results.

Screening Details-Females will be screened by our client and contacted for further information. If chosen you will be required to attend an on screen camera test the first week of May. After that, if selected our client will schedule a "before" and "after" photo session with you which will begin in May.

To Apply

You can apply through your online account or email our client directly at This is open to ALL members! If you reach out to our client directly you must include a current snapshot that clearly shows your face as well as your name, contact phone number and age. If you are a mother/daughter team please include photos of both of you!

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Real People for Cleaning Device Infomercial

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Sunday, April 20, 2014

MovieWork Now is casting real people that clean often and feel it's a pain to clean a specific area. Whether it's a small space and lots of animal hair to constantly clean up, it's a pain to clean. We will be shooting two different infomercials. One will consist of a mop and other of a vacuum device. The makers of Euroflex have come up with a new line titled: Monster Line. This is a non-union project. For those that have an agent please ask permission before applying.

Talent Needs

Males or females, age 18-100, all looks, ethnicities and sizes are welcome to apply. We are looking for real people with real life cleaning stories.

Production Information

Dates: Filming will take place one day the first week of May.

Location: Filming will take place in your home. Read the information below regarding the video and you'll know why we will be filming at your home.

Compensation: $250 flat rate plus cleaning items ($50 value).

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Discovery ID TV Series "Love The Way You Lie" Episode 4

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Sunday, April 20, 2014

Now submitting talent for Episode 4 of "LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE"!

MovieWork Now is proud to announce we have been hired to handle the background casting for RAW TV a 6 episode TV series for Discovery ID (Investigative Discovery True Crime Stories). All 6 episodes will film in and around the Phoenix area starting April 8th - May 16th. We will announce the upcoming roles as we move forward with this series. The first three episodes were a huge success and production is very happy with everyone involved!

The following are the talent needs for Episode 4. Please read the talent breakdowns and apply if you are a match and are available next week to be a part of this fourth episode. You must have a flexible schedule as we do not have specific shoot dates, locations or times for the following roles listed. We need new faces so if you were booked on Episode 1, 2, or 3 please DO NOT apply!

Synopsis: No synopsis available at this time.

Talent Needs for week of April 28th-May 1st (New Faces Only!)

Featured Roles

  • Terri Hare-Female early 40's, Caucasian, on camera experience preferred.
  • Roger Whitehead- Male 50's, Caucasian, old neighbor type, on camera experience preferred.
  • Uniformed Officer- Male Middle aged, any ethnicity, officer looking, on camera experience preferred.
  • Suited Detective- Male Middle aged, any ethnicity, detective looking, on camera experience preferred.
  • Younger Guy 1- Male mid 30's, any ethnicity, good looking, on camera experience preferred.
  • Protective Gentleman- Male, 30's-40's, any ethnicity, larger/gentler, on camera experience preferred.

Background Extra Roles (Each person may play multiple roles!)

  • Terri's Husband-Male, early to mid 40's, Caucasian.
  • Rusty's Wife-Female, early to mid 40's, Caucasian.
  • Female Friend-Female, early to mid 40's, Caucasian.
  • Party Goer/Beach Goer/Red Carpet/Bar Patrons-Males and females, 30's-40's, any ethnicity.
  • Party Goer/Beach Goer/Red Carpet/Scott/Bar Patron-Male, 40's, Caucasian, good looking news anchor type.
  • Suited Detective/Forensic Investigator-Male, 30's-50's, any ethnicity.
  • Nurse-Female, 30's-40's, any ethnicity.
  • Police Officer/Paramedic-Male, 30's-40's, any ethnicity.
  • Paramedic- female, 30's-40's, any ethnicity.
  • Suited Detective-male, 40's-50's, any ethnicity.
  • Forensic Investigator-any gender, 40's-50's. any ethnicity.
  • Police Officer-any gender, 40's-50's, any ethnicity.
  • Neighborhood Onlookers-any gender, 20's-50's, any ethnicity.

Production Details

Dates: April 28th-May 1st. Talent will only work 1-2 days on set.

Times: TBD-you must be available all day! We are getting a lot of people applying and getting booked who then flake the night before saying they have to go to work! Do not apply if you have any conflicts or even the slightest chance of having a class or work or other conflicts. This creates a huge problem! Those that are cast will receive booking details the night before shoot date, be prepared.

Locations: TBD

Compensation: Featured Extras earn $125 flat rate for up to 12 hours. Time and a half over 12 hours. $25 bump if given speaking line on set. Background extras earn $100 flat for up to 12 hours and 1.5 over 12.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.