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Now Casting Actors and Extras for Feature Film "Shattered Glass"

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Sunday, January 05, 2014

MovieWork Now is announcing this on behalf of independent filmmaker Suzanne Steinberg with Falling Oranges Production company. She is casting lead roles and extra roles for her independent film "Shattered Glass". Please read the character breakdown and production details and apply if you are interested.

Synopsis: This is a story about the twilight zone, a woman who must face her own morality with the eternal questions of our society and life.

Character Breakdown

Lead Role - Lilith: Female age 25-38 years old. The story is essentially her journey into herself as she must face her greatest fears of abandonment. She chases after her childhood and a boy always out of her reach in a twilight zone of morality and relationships. As her own life slips through her fingers she is faced with her greatest choices, to see her own face within the shattered glass around her. What is her purpose, and can she find the light before all is lost to the wreckage of false hopes and memories that dissolve like sugar?

Lead Role - Mandy: Friend of Lilith, female age 25-38 years old. Mandy is Lilith's friend who follows her around during her great questions about life and her purpose. Her love for Lilith comes with hard corners and definable stereotypes, and in turn cuts like a knife around the ungroomed and developing aspects of memory and the unconsciousness of images that create the ambiguity of love.

Lead Role - Michael: Male, age 25-38 years old. He is another main character, who is being chased by Lilith. He has a business life, he finds himself entangled with a woman who intrigues him, because she is a challenge that he can never fully grasp and despite his walls that few people ever penetrate they have shared some intimate moments that he deeply values.

Lead Role - Death: Male age 50-70 years old. Death is an interesting entity. He is a bit of a lonely soul who has a sweet tooth for humanity, and a heart. His greatest torture in his mind is his purpose to witness death. He hates knowing who he is, and yet his position is the most powerful in the story.

Supporting Role - Victoria: Stepmom of Lilith, female age 30-45. Victoria is a woman who has had a hard childhood. She lost her own father at a young age and is needing to replace the dark hole of loneliness that her own aching dreams and fantasy's have left her with. She wants more than anything to be loved, but her love often comes with anger and control. In her search to have her own family in adulthood, she often re-lives the battles and failures she has fought with her own parents.

Supporting Role - God: Male age 50-70 years old. God is a harder entity to Lilith. He is sarcastic and full of pity and justifications. He creates the harder man who assumes position is inherently moralistic without true sacrifice. He represents the entitlement of man and the good fortune that many people account to being close to God or heaven, instead of hardship.

Supporting Role - Alexander: Lilith's father, male age 50-60 years old. He is a soft spoken man who is insecure and feels inadequate. His love for his daughter is rivaled with his own desires for personal success and freedom. He never felt free in his childhood and was always straddled with taking care of others, and now in adulthood he sees the narrow window for change into a life without strife which could allow him to leave the hardships of love for money and others envy.

Supporting Role - Benjamin: Lilith's younger brother, male age 3-6 years old. He is a young child, who enjoys story books and playing games. He is too young and unaware of most of the outer world and the dramas of adults and who is who, and why who is who is important.

Supporting Role - Angel/Amy: Female age 25-45. She is a secretary of sorts who deals with the imports and exports of souls, she is compassion-less but not without wisdom and insight

Supporting Role - Andy: Male age 25-40 years old. New boyfriend of Lilith. Andy is a man Lilith meets near the end of the story as she is trying to remake herself into another woman. Andy is similar to her, and she finds their similarities repulsive as well as attractive.

Supporting Role - Bill: Andy's father, male age 50-60 years old. Bill has a short fantasy scene where he fights Andy as a reflection of a father's pride and embarrassment of letting down a child.

Supporting Role - Lilith's Mother: Female, age 50-60 years old. Lilith's mother has a small scene, when Lilith is looking for hope and honesty within the chaos of losing everything around her step-mother.

Supporting Role - Little Lilith: Girl age 5-9 years old. This is the younger version of Lilith meant to show the loving and caring child she was.

Supporting Role - Teenage Lilith: Girl age 13-16 years old. This is another older but younger version of Lilith, where Lilith re-lives the drama of her childhood.

General Extras: Variety of ages. Talent will play friends of Lilith as well as represent society with bags over their heads for one scene and also throw rotten tomatoes at Lilith for another scene.

Audition Details

Dates: January 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th, 31st and February 1st.
Time: By appointment only

Location: Scottsdale-exact address will be given if selected.

Production Details

Dates: March 2014 to July 2014.
Compensation: Copy and credit only. No monetary compensation.

Usage: Film festivals

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Brand Ambassadors for Waste Management PGA Event

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Sunday, January 11, 2015

Casting Brand Ambassadors For NHRA Nationals Drag Race Event

MovieWork Now is putting together a TEAM of Brand Ambassadors for this huge event. This is promotional work in which will entail passing out premiums, interacting with fans, taking pictures, possibly obtaining information for lead generation and manning game stations. Please read the casting needs very carefully and only apply if you are interested and 100 percent available. Do not apply then cancel afterwards. This creates more work for our client and casting department. We are counting on RELIABLE and outgoing staff to join our HUGE event.

Casting Needs:

Males and females, ages 18-35, extremely outgoing, physically fit, clean cut, no visible body piercings or tattoos, and RELIABLE. Must be able to stand for long periods of time and keep your energy level high.

Event Information:

Date: Fri. Feb. 20, 2015.

Time: 7am-12noon. Keep your wrap time flexible in case our client needs you a bit longer. It's best to keep a flexible schedule to accommodate this event.

Location: Chandler, Arizona 85226. 22 miles from Phoenix. Exact address will be provided once we send booking emails.

Parking: TBD. Reimbursement offered if there's no free parking when you arrive. You will be reimbursed if you email parking receipt within 2 days of the event. This will be added to your check.

Wardrobe: Event T-shirt will be provided upon arrival, tan colored khaki type pants (no cargo) and comfortable closed toe shoes preferably black. No jeans or sweat pants allowed.

Pay: $18 per hour. Keep in mind projects take up to 30-90 days for payment via mail. If this is an issue, don't apply. Our company has NO TOLERANCE for call offs and no shows. Only apply if you are truly available to follow through and work this event.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Casting Call for Feature Film "The System is Broken"

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Sunday, January 13, 2013

Screenwriter & director, Ignatius Lin of The System is Broken- The Movie, is casting several speaking roles for the political drama "The System is Broken". Please read the talent needs very carefully and apply if interested and fit the character breakdown.


The System Is Broken is a fictional political drama about how grassroots volunteers advocate voting rights for under-represented people in a Presidential Campaign. See concept trailer at


SAG-Contract Pending/Non-Union

Character Breakdown

Pete (Male, Lead)
22-25 Caucasian. Pete is an idealistic college grad, who is unyielding in his pursue of social justice. His fiery impatience towards injustice pushes him to volunteer in Florida after hearing about election irregularity from the last Presidential election. Pete soon becomes the key member of the Latino Office and falls in love with the headstrong Natalia. Stage combat experience preferred but not required. Actors auditioning as Pete please come WITHOUT facial hair if possible
Actor Type: Garrette Hedlund, Matt Bush, Robert Pattinson
Natalia (Female, Lead)
22-25 Latino. Energetic and attractive, Natalia is the Assistant Manager of the Latino Office. A truly genuine volunteer, she passionately advocates for her community and dedicates her time to giving them the vote. An emotionally complex character. Pete's love interest. Fluency in Spanish a plus but not a must.
Actor Type: Gina Rodriguez
Rick (Male, Lead)
30-40 Caucasian. Crafty and ambitious, Rick is the Regional Manager of the Central Florida Presidential campaign. Once a rising star, he has been passed over for promotion several times and worked on a few losing campaigns. Rick possesses a corrupt idealism and will win at all cost in order to get a job in the White House. Please wear dress shirt to the audition.
Actor Type: Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine, Ben Afflect, Casey Affleck
Diego (Male, Supporting)
50-60 Latino. Boisterous and charismatic, he uses his street smarts to try to do something good and help the Hispanic community realize their right to vote. A Vietnam War veteran, Diego was broken from his experiences in the war. Now, he has finally turned his life around and is the head of the Latino Office. Stage combat experience preferred but not required. Fluency in Spanish a plus but not a must.
Actor Type: Danny Trejo
Lee (Male, Supporting)
40-55 Caucasian. Lee has worked hard for all his life and is fed up with the unfairness and corruption in life and in the government. A moderate conservative, he voted in every past election but now feels his vote makes no difference. Beneath his crusty demeanor is a warm-hearted person looking to believe in something greater again. Stage combat experience preferred but not required.
Actor Type: Alan Arkin
Isabella (Female, Supporting)
33-43 Latina. A working mom, Isabella feels politicians only care about themselves and not people like her. She has given up on democracy and is fed up with politicians telling her, instead of listening to, what she wants. Fluency in Spanish a plus but not a must.

Audition Details

Audition in Phoenix By APPOINTMENT ONLY. Casting director will contact talent directly with location and time info.
Audition Dates: January 18th, 19th
Callback Dates and Times: TBD
What To Prepare: Link to online video reel is preferred but not required. Character sides will be provided before audition. For talent auditioning as Rick, please wear dress shirt. Headshot and resume required to bring to audition.

Shoot Information

Compensation: SAG- Contract Pending/Non-Union
Run/Shoot Dates: 04/22/2013 to wrap

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Poetry is Life Theatrical/Stage Production-Arizona

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Sunday, January 15, 2017

MovieWork Now is announcing this on behalf of production company SMP, LLC. They  are casting several roles for their theatrical stage production titled "Poetry is Life". Please read the talent needs and apply if you are available and interested.

Production Details

Project Location: Arizona
Project Type: Theatre
Project Name: Poetry is Life
Project Notes: Theatrical Production/ Stage. Production will be filmed/ DVD. Soundtrack. Spoken word artist encouraged to audition.
Project Synopsis: An Elder sits at the gates of Heaven, reflects on his life. Will the Creator allow him access into The Kingdom? *Controversial production*
Union Status: Non-Union
Project Rate: TBA
Project Usage: TBA
Submissions Due By: 02/28/2017
Submission Notes: Submit headshot & bio or bring both to the audition.
Shoot/Production Date(s): TBD
Shoot Location: Mesa Community College PAC Theatre
Shoot Notes: Production will be filmed including a soundtrack

Roles/Character Breakdown

PHARAOAH: Ethnic Male. 21to 50. Well spoken, confident, fit or tone.

QUEEN: Ethnic Female. 21 to 50. Well spoken, confident, dread locks a plus, natural hair a plus, curves, sexy a plus. Models a plus.

PASTOR: Male any Race, 21 to 60. Comical, commanding, perfect for comedians.

DECON: Male any Race. 21 to 60. comical, perfect for comedians.

JAIL INMATES: Male and Female any Race. 21 to 50, comical, well spoken, perfect for comedians.

THE OTHER WOMAN: Ethnic Female. 21 to 50, sexy, commanding. Well spoken.Perfect role for models.

Role Notes: Well Spoken, commanding, speak clearly. Big motions. Movement.

Audition Details

Audition Date(s): TBD
Audition Location: 1457 Eliseo C Felix Way Suite 101.
Audition Address: Avondale
Audition City: Arizona
Audition Zip: 85353
Audition Time(s): Doors open at 4:30 pm. Doors close at 6:10 pm
Audition Scheduling: Open Call
Audition Protocol: Cold reads
Audition Notes: Please bring head shots and contact information. Cold Reads.

CallBack Details

Callback Date(s): TBA
Callback Location: TBA
Callback Address: TBA
Callback City: Phoenix
Callback Zip: 85363
Callback Time(s): Days
Callback Scheduling: Open Call
Callback Protocol: Cold reads.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.