Casting Calls

Please note: Casting calls from productions that request confidentiality are not shown. Talent will be selected and contacted directly.

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Now Casting Male Actor for Short Film "Bounty"

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Thursday, June 05, 2014

MovieWork Now is announcing this on behalf of Rum Runner Productions. They are casting a non union male actor for their short film "Bounty". Please read the talent needs and apply if you are available and interested.

Synopsis: Harker is sent after his latest bounty, a kidnapping victim, but after tracking them down things are not what they seem.

Character Breakdown

Harker - Bounty hunter, late 30's early 40's. He is not just a bounty hunter he is the bounty hunter, he is skilled relentless and merciless he has honed his skills in decades of tracking down thief's killers and any assortment of criminal in-between. Harker is big and toned a fighters body, with a cybernetic left eye a wound from his first bounty. he is skilled with his plasma pistol and large combat knife and a madrid of other gadgets used in taking down bounties. Harker comes off brooding and sinister but is in reality deep in thought and tactically assessing every situation. through all these traits though sits a man looking to do good and to make a difference in the galaxy.

Audition Information

Date: June 29th
Time: 12-5pm by appointment only
Location: Phoenix-exact address will be given if selected to audition.
Audition Protocol: Sides will be provided at the audition.
Callback Audition: July 6th

Project Information

Shoot Dates: 9/12 and 9/21
Location: Phoenix and Tucson
Compensation: $100 per day flat rate.
Usage: Film festivals. This short is the opening 15 min of the feature and will be used to raise awareness of the film and or potential investors through film festivals and social media.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Young Professionals with BIG Personalities for Cable Network Show

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Thursday, June 08, 2017

TV CASTING: Have you ever wanted to RELIVE HIGH SCHOOL?

compensation: TBD
employment type: part-time
Do you have a story to tell? What about a story from high school?
Would you be AFRAID to go back?
Was high school the best four years of your life?
Do you have regrets about the things you did or the ways you behaved?
Did you blossom after high school?

Talent Needs

A major cable network is seeking young professionals with BIG personalities and interesting life stories who appear to be between the ages of 22 - 26 whether you were the most popular girl in school or ate alone at lunch, we want to hear from you!

To Apply

Please reply with the following:

Email address
Phone # and best time to reach you
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...Tell us why you are a PERFECT candidate for this.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Actors for Feature Film titled Jessica Frost

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Thursday, June 18, 2015

MovieWork Now Casting is announcing this project on behalf of producer/director Runar Berntsen. This feature film is based off a young woman searching for the origins of her past while thrown into a turbulent journey through the desert. A time-traveled psychopath begins hunting for her.

Project Details:

Union Status: SAG

Project Rate: SAG and Non-Union. Rates will be discussed when cast.

Usage: Film festivals & Theater showing

Submissions due by: 7-1-15

Roles/Character Breakdown Details:

Geir: Scandinavian looking male, Highly unintelligent and difficult to work with. Negative/pessimistic attitude. Age 25-35.

Rosa: Older transvestite woman from Mexico. Heavy set. Knack for violence and poor hygiene. Man looking. Shorter in height. Age range 30-50.

Sullivan: Irish ex-boxer. Always bruised up from bar brawls. Thinks of himself as a runner of any operation. Strong Boston accent. Age range 24-45.

Chrome: Big, tall and overpowering black biker guy. All testosterone. Age range 25-40.

Bodyguards: Age range 20-40, gorilla sized, some in suits, big, intimidating.

Mr Dresden: Age 20-40. Suits, big and intimidating.

Mr. Dresden Driver: Slender and sharply dressed male. Age 20-40.

Female Bartender: Charismatic and pretty. Dressed horribly. Age range 21-25.

Gas Station Attendant: Male in his 20's with the teeth of a man twice his age.

Jessica (as a child): Age range 6-9. Caucasian female, brunette, brown eyes.

Waitress in Gas Station Cafeteria: Age 40-60, good looking, big chested female.

Bob: Dirty, thin mustached man. enjoys to be profane and lives at a trailer park in the desert. Age 30-40.

Police Officer 1: Age 35-55, large in size.

Police Officer 2: Age 30-35, young and well build.

Waitress at the ND Diner: Charismatic female, age 18-40.

Female strippers: Well built and slim, age 18-30. Must have dance or athletic background.

Valet: Male, sharply dressed male for Las Vegas Hotel, age 19-25.

Security Guard at Strip Club: Male, age 25-55, large guy.

Hybrid Man 1: Tortured and killed by Teevee on the side of the road.

Hybrid Man 2: Killed in the cellar by rattler.

Audition Date: 7-11-15.

Location: Phoenix, AZ 85014 at a local studio by appointment only.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

TV Promo Show In Miami Florida

Location: Florida

Application Deadline: Thursday, June 22, 2017

TV Promo Show shooting in Miami Florida. Read all the detail then apply if you fit the requirements.

Casting Specifics

Hispanic Dad: age 40-45 looking

Hispanic Mom: age 30-35 looking

Hispanic Grandmother: age 65+ looking

Hispanic Girls and Hispanic Boys: age 7-12 looking

Hispanic Teen Males and Females: age 14-16 looking

Shoot Details

Shoot Date: June 27 or June 28

Shoot Location: Miami Florida

Shoot Time: TBD

Compensation: $200 flat rate.

    We are no longer accepting applications for this project.