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Now Casting Talent for St. Joseph's Hospital Industrial Project

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Thursday, May 01, 2014

MovieWork Now is announcing this on behalf of our clients at St. Joseph's Hospital. They are casting males and females (especially Bilingual/Spanish Speaking Talent) for an upcoming Industrial project. Please read the talent needs and apply if you are interested and available.


St. Joseph's Hospital in collaboration with Creighton Medical School is looking for Standardized Patients to work directly with medical students, nursing students, and employees. A Standardized Patient (SP) is a person trained to take on the characteristics of a real patient giving the medical student an opportunity to learn and to be evaluated on learned skills in a practice environment. During an interaction with a student the SP may present medical history in response to questioning by the student, undergo a limited physical examination by the student, assist students in developing communication and clinical skills, and assist students in working through difficult emotional situations in a safe environment.

The SP acts as a lay person to portray medical illnesses as part of training for medical students, nursing students, and employee's of St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center. The SP consistently recreates the history, personality, physical findings, and emotional response patterns of an actual patient using the scenarios provided. The SP works with students for skill practice, procedures, and clinical exams and may be used with several students on a one-to-one basis or a group of students in a controlled teaching session. The SP may be required to wear a gown and participate in a basic physical exam performed by a student. SP will provide feedback on the student/s at the end of the encounter either verbally, by checklist, or via computer documentation.

Project Requirements

High School Diploma or equivalent

Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills. Must be dependable to follow through with scheduled appointments, communicate with interviewers, and have the ability to complete an evaluation at the end of each session. Applicant must be willing to participate in videotaping for the student's educational feedback.

Background check, immunization records, and flu shot is required. If you do not have an immunization record client will draw blood to check your titers. You will also be required to obtain a flu shot.

Talent Needs

Males and Females, ages 18-110, any ethnicity. Bilingual Spanish speaking is a plus.

Industrial Info

Date: TBD. Will start ASAP and schedule does vary. Extremely flexible.

Time: TBD.

Compensation: $20 per hour.

Location: TBD. (exact location will be given upon booking). Phoenix, AZ

Attire: TBD.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Music Video In Miami Florida

Location: Florida

Application Deadline: Thursday, May 04, 2017

Music Video shooting in Miami, Florida for an undisclosed POPULAR Artist. Read all the detail then apply if you fit the requirements.

Casting Specifics

Model Type Females, ages 18-28 looking, Hispanic or Caucasian looking.

Shoot Details

Shoot Date: May 8th or May 9th

Shoot Location: Miami Florida

Shoot Time: TBD

Compensation: $200 flat rate. 

    We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

    Talent Needed for MindSpree Promotional Videos in Phoenix Arizona

    Location: Arizona

    Application Deadline: Thursday, May 05, 2016

    We're thrilled to announce the casting for MindSpree Promotional Videos shooting in Phoenix area. Read over the details and submit ASAP to be considered.

    Usage: Website and Harkins Movie Theatres.

    Talent Description:

    Male College Looking Student: open ethnicity, looks smart and good at conveying emotion. Speaking Role.

    Male and Female to play parents: ages 25-50, open ethnicity, very articulate and can portray a very concerned parents.

    High School Looking Student: Male or female, age 16-19, very articulate, can play "failing/struggling student." Speaking role.

    Female Tutor: Fresh out of college look, articulate, open ethnicity. Speaking role.

    Extras: Males and females, ages 16-50 ish, open ethnicity, high energy people.

    Auditions: 5/16 and/or 5/17 in Tempe. Will consider Skype interviews if needed.

    Production Information

    Date: 5/19-5/24. May shoot one or more days.
    Location: Phoenix area.
    Compensation: $10-$25 per hour depending on role.


    We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

    Chaos Crew Pilot Episode

    Location: Arizona

    Application Deadline: Thursday, May 18, 2017

    Auditions taking place in Lake Havasu on May 20, 2017 for The Chaos Crew Pilot. Casting strong non union female leads as well as extra roles. Actors are responsible for providing their own transportation to the set each day.

    Please read the casting needs and apply if you are interested in being a part of an amazing production! Pilot will be submitted to various networks and youtube.

    Production Details

    Project Location: Arizona
    Project Type: Pilot
    Project Name: The Chaos Crew
    Project Synopsis: The Chaos Crew is about five female college students and their adventures. Grace, Kelli, Mei, Cori, and Ashley all attend Hubert Francis University - Home of the Fighting Flamingos. The girls don t really fit in with the main social groups at their college, so they form their own group - the Chaos Crew. All of them also work at Kelli s parent s coffee shop/bookstore - The Treasure Chest. Together they take on the adventures, late nights, stresses, and humor that comes with the college experience. The pilot episode is being filmed in Lake Havasu. Auditions will be held May 20th in Lake Havasu.
    Union Status: Non-Union
    Project Rate: $50 for main cast, unpaid for other roles
    Project Usage: Pilot for network submission and will be uploaded to youtube
    Submissions Due By: 05/19/2017
    Submission Notes:
    Shoot/Production Date(s): 06/10/2017,06/11/2017,06/17/2017,06/18/2017,06/24/2017,06/25/2017
    Shoot Location: Lake Havasu City
    Shoot Notes:

    Roles/Character Breakdown

    *KELLI PRINCE - Her parents own the bookstore/coffee shop where the members of the Chaos Crew work. Kelli is the leader of the Chaos Crew. She is very opinionated, but she is loyal to the end to those she cares about. She has a great relationship with her parents, who are often gone traveling overseas. She has an older brother who she disowned after he chose to major in Sports History. Kelli s favorite author is J.R.R. Tolkien. Age: 18-22 Dress size: 10-22 Ethnicity: Any Other Casting Details: Tattoos and unique hair colors and styles are welcome, but not required.

    *GRACE SAWYER - Army Veteran attending college as a Psychology major. Avid reader - favorite author is Alexander Dumas. Has PTSD and facial scarring from an IED attack during her deployment. Long distance relationship with her boyfriend, Travis Michael, an active duty soldier. Age: 21-27 Somewhat athletic to very athletic build. Dress size: See height/weight info below Ethnicity: Any Other Casting Details: Military experience preferred, but not required. Must be able to pass for a veteran recently released from active duty. Must disclose all known makeup, silicon, or latex allergies. Character has facial scarring from shrapnel, which may be created using special effect makeup. If actor has current facial scarring similar to shrapnel scars, allergy issues may not be applicable. Actress should be within 10lbs of Army height/weight standards If actor has tattoos, they must fall within Army Tattoo regulations ( and must be limited to the arms, back, and/or legs. Unacceptable tattoos may be covered with makeup. Natural hair colors are encouraged.

    *CORI "CORINA" FLINT - Cori is a theatre major. Her parents divorced when she was young and she bounced between the two homes. Cori is Bi-sexual and has had numerous relationships with both guys and girls. Cori is also an avid reader. Cori is best friends and roommates with Kelli. Age: 18-22 Dress size: 10-22 Ethnicity: Any Other Casting Details: Tattoos are welcome, but not required. Unique hair colors and styles are encouraged, but not required. Actor must be able to carry herself with confidence - Every guy wants you, every girl wants to be you mentality.

    *ASHLEY ALLEN - Ashley is a gorgeous girl with very wealthy parents. She left home to get away from her parents expectations and to try and make it on her own. She is a math major and is very intelligent. She is also an avid reader and enjoys quoting her favorite authors and using polished, educated language. Despite her small size, she has an insatiable appetite and greatly enjoys good food. Ashley won t take crap from anyone and enjoys using her intelligence as a shield to keep people she doesn t care for away from her. She cannot stand shallow people and chooses the Chaos Crew over the local sorority. Age: 18-22 Dress size: 0-6 Ethnicity: Caucasian Hair color: Blond or willing to dye it. Other Casting Details: No visible tattoos preferred, but not necessarily a disqualifying factor. Hair should be shoulder length or longer - shorter hair will be accepted, providing it fits a clean cut feminine dress style.
    Role Notes:

    Audition Details

    Audition Date(s): 05/20/2017
    Audition Location:
    Audition Address:
    Audition City: Lake Havaus City
    Audition Zip:
    Audition Time(s):
    Audition Scheduling: By Appoint
    Audition Protocol:
    Audition Notes: Please download and submit audition application from

    CallBack Details

    Callback Date(s):
    Callback Location:
    Callback Address:
    Callback City: Lake Havasu City
    Callback Zip: 86403
    Callback Time(s):
    Callback Scheduling: Open Call
    Callback Protocol:
    Callback Note

    We are no longer accepting applications for this project.