Casting Calls

Please note: Casting calls from productions that request confidentiality are not shown. Talent will be selected and contacted directly.

Location: Gender:

Now Casting Talent For Industrial

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Monday, December 17, 2018

Our team is casting male model for an upcoming Industrial. Read the entire casting alert then apply accordingly if you fit the requirements and availability.


Surrogate Study: Model will sit in vehicle while engineer takes photos and measurements. This will be used in court case investigation. We'll have a nurse on site to interview briefly before conducting project.

Casting Breakdown-

Male, any ethnicity, age 18-60 looking, must fit the following measurements without shoes:

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 150lbs-155lbs

Measurement Appointment-

Date: ASAP

Time: Anytime between 8am-4:45pm. Appointment will only take 15 minutes

Location: Phoenix, Arizona 85027

Compensation: $25 flat rate

Project Information-

Date: Monday 12/17

Time: TBD

Location: Phoenix Arizona 85027 (exact address will be provide upon booking)

Compensation: $50 per hour with a 3 hour minimum guarantee. Keep in mind projects do take anywhere from 30-90 days to receive payment. All checks are mailed directly to your address on file.

Attire: Casual

Now Submitting Talent for Short Film Titled Today You Tomorrow Me

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Monday, January 07, 2019

MovieWork Now is submitting talent for upcoming short film titled Today You Tomorrow Me. This film is based on a real experience between a young man stuck on the highway and a family of Mexican Immigrants that offer a helping hand. 

Casting Specifics

CAUCASIAN MALE: age 28 looking

HISPANIC MALE: age 35 looking

HISPANIC FEMALE: age 30 looking

HISPANIC GIRL: age 9 looking

Commercial Details

Date: Two day shoot in January 2019. Exact dates to be determined

Location: TBD Phoenix area

Time: TBD. Must keep your time flexible. 

Compensation: TBD

Updated Information on Casting Talent For Bestway Video

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Sunday, December 16, 2018

MovieWork Now is casting talent for upcoming Bestway Video shoot. We have updated the shoot date, see below. Acting experience a plus as you will have some lines to deliver. If you have submitted before we ask that you do it again with this new date change. 

Please read entire alert before applying. We must have reliable talent for this project. Do not apply then cancel last minute for any reason.

Casting Specifics 

Males and Females: ages 23-35 looking, any ethnicity

If you have an agent and are exclusive to them please check with them regarding the rate prior to applying.

Production Details

Date: Sunday December 16, 2018

Location: TBD (Phoenix Arizona)

Time: Women: 12noon-midnight Men: 5pm-midnight

Compensation: $250 flat rate for up to 10 hours. Overtime after 10 hours is %50 per hour.

Now Submitting Talent For Feature Film TR2

Location: Florida

Application Deadline: Sunday, January 06, 2019

Now submitting talent for upcoming FEATURE FILM TR2. Please read the talent breakdown and apply if you are available and fit the description.

Talent Description:

TYLER: Male, any ethnicity, age 18-27, handsome/frat boy style. Rate: $630 per day.

VICTORIA: Female, any ethnicity, age 20-25, sorority president and always dressed to kill, tyrannical and cocky type. Rate: $630 per day.

ELIZABETH: Female, Caucasian, age 30-55, Alumnae of the sorority, flamboyant, a gossiper, and lacks self awareness. Rate: $630 per day.

RACHEL: Female, any ethnicity, age 24-29, grounded, kind, quick witted, she appears kind on the surface with ability to fly under the radar. Rate: $630 per day.

JAY: any ethnicity, age 24-27, hired as a DJ at a frat party, genuine and sporting a boyish grin, you do not have to be a real DJ. Rate: $630 per day

FRAT JOCK: Male, any ethnicity, age 18-26, young and handsome millennial type. Rate: $630 per day

SORORITY GIRL: Female, any ethnicity, age 18-26, millennial type. Rate: $630 per day

RILEYS MOTHER: Female, Caucasian, age 34-44, late mother to sorority legacy. She commits suicide by fire, very attractive woman. Rate: $630 per day

FRESHMAN FANGIRL: Female, any ethnicity, age 18-25, young member of sorority , naive type of millennial. Rate: $630 per day

DETECTIVE: Male, any ethnicity, age 45-55, self assured, detective working locally on the sorority serial killer case. Rate: $630 per day

FEMALE FORENSIC TECH: Female, any ethnicity, age 32-45, headstrong, reader, smart, ample knowledge of the tools being utilized in the killings. Rate: $630 per day.

Production Information:

Date: Jan 7, 2019 (shoot several weeks)
Location: Miami Florida
Compensation: $630 per day