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Now Casting Background Extras For an Upcoming Choice Hotels Corporate Video

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Wednesday, October 24, 2018

MovieWork Now is casting background extras for an upcoming Choice Hotels Corporate Video. These are easy non-speaking background roles which require you to be able to walk and be on your feet during the shoot. Please read entire alert before applying.

Background Role Breakdown:

Males and Females: ages 14-90, any ethnicity. Must be able to walk and be on your feet during the shoot.

Production Details:

Shoot Date: Saturday, October 27th
Shoot Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Compensation: $100 (9am - 11:15am)

To Apply:

  1. If interested click on the "apply" link at the bottom of this casting alert.
  2. You will be directed to our online application.
  3. Please make sure your headshot is current.
  4. Click "apply to casting notice".
  5. A message will pop up confirming your application has been sent.
  6. Production team will contact you if selected with additional details.

Now Casting Talent For Air Purifier Web Spot

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

MovieWork Now is casting talent for an upcoming Air Purifier Web Spot. Please read entire alert before applying.

Casting Specifics

Male/Dad, any ethnicity (Asian looking preferred), age 30's looking

Girl/Daughter, any ethnicity (Asian looking preferred, someone to pass as daughter to Male/Dad), age 4-7, must have a carseat

If you have an agent and are exclusive to them please check with them regarding the rate prior to applying. 

Production Details

Shoot Date: Sunday 11/4

Shoot Location: TBD

Shoot Time: TBD. Must be flexible with time.

Compensation: $800 total Breakdown: ($150 fitting. $150 shoot. $500 usage for 1 year buyout)

Now Casting Several Leading, Supporting and Extra Roles for Manhunt: Requiem Filming in AZ

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Now casting actors for leading, supporting and background extra roles for the viral project Manhunt: Requiem. Subject matter is adult oriented so keep this in mind. If cast, you will receive a credit and copy of the project once filming is completed for your resume and acting reel as long as you show up! Otherwise you will be eh eh.

Apply away brave and morbid ones and best of luck to you!

Production Details

Project Location: Arizona
Project Type: Viral
Project Synopsis: Death-row inmate James Earl Cash awakens from his "execution" to discover that prison officials were bribed to fake his death and deliver him into the clutches of a snuff film ring that wants to use him as its newest star.
Union Status: Non-Union
Project Rate: Copy, Credit, Food only
Project Usage: Student Film, Director Reel, Viral
Submissions Due By: 10/31/2018

Roles/Character Breakdown

Starkweather - is the director of the snuff film and gives Cash advice and objectives throughout it. He isn't seen during the film and can only be heard by Cash through an earpiece.

Ramirez - is the leader of a group of hunters called the Wardogs and works for Starkweather. He helps with the snuff film by organizing the hunters before Cash arrives.

Journalist Kaylah Sommerset - A reporter, investigating Starkweather s activities and trying to expose him. She had supposedly been spying on Starkweather for months before the events of the game and gathering evidence to build up her career. She was the reporter at Cash s execution, but suspects it s a phony and goes searching for him.

Cerberus Leader - incharge of Starkweather s personal security and helps out with the film. He and his team are responsable for getting Cash to his next location, usually by force.

Piggsy - a former star of one of Starkweather's films and is kept locked up in attic of Starkweather's house

Cash's Family - taken hostage by the Wardogs and Cash is told to save them. It is up to cash who survives.

White Rabbit - a former star in Starkweather s film industry and makes a cameo appearance in the latest one starring James Earl Cash.

The Tramp - another former star that makes a cameo appearance in Cash's film but unlike the Rabbit, he isn't an enemy.

Gary Schaffer - head of the CCPD and takes bribes from Starkweather.

Mr. Nasty - producer of Starkweather's films and his company distribute them.

Phil Cassidy - character from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and is mentioned by a CCPD officer in random dialogue.

James W. Gacy - leader of the Clowns and head of cities art galleries and museums. The concept of a clown heading the cities art galleries and museums.

CCPD - are Carcer City's main police force and are led by corrupt police chief Gary Schaffer, who takes bribes from Lionel Starkweather to allow the Director's snuff film ring to operate within the city. As a result of this, the CCPD are mostly ineffective at their job and are used as pawns by Starkweather during the events of Manhunt.

The Hoods - consist of a loose-knit group of criminals and off-duty cops and are the first gang that Cash encounters. They are unruly and disorganized, purely in the hunt for financial gain. They wear dark nondescript street clothes and a variety of masks and hoods. They are also armed with blackjacks, crowbars and wooden bats.

The Skinz - are a group of Hunters comprised of white nationalists, white power skinheads, and Neo-Nazis. They patrol their Junkyard turf aggressively in baboon packs and brutally attack trespassers.

The Bloodhounds - are a sadistic paramilitary gang of Hunters composed of war veterans, huntsmen, soldiers-for-hire, and survivalists. They patrol the abandoned Carcer City Zoo and are headquartered in the Darkwoods district.

The Wardogs - are well-organized foes, operating militia-style and receiving all their orders from Ramirez. The Smileys are a mentally disturbed gang made up of the former inmates of Darkwoods Penitentiary. After James Earl Cash's execution was faked, they broke free and killed all the guards, taking over the entire asylum. They formed a gang called the Smileys and were employed by Starkweather for use in his snuff films. Members of the Smileys are genuine psychopaths and mentally unstable murderers, and kill Starkweather's runners for their own sick pleasure.

The SWAT team - are special backup for the CCPD and Cottonmouth police departments when the situation becomes too extreme or difficult. They are heavily armed and rarely seen alone, much like the CCPD officers.

The Cerberus - are Starkweather's private army hired to protect him and his Estate. They also help in the production of his snuff films by setting up cameras, blocking off streets and transporting James Earl Cash from location to location. They later mercilessly hunt for Cash in Starkweather's Estate.

The Monkeys - are a gang of psychos who believe themselves to be primates, dressing in monkey costumes, and only mimicing monkey sounds. The Monkeys operate in the Carcer City Zoo and come out to ambush whoever when they see anyone other than their own gang member. They are very territorial and loyal to the gang. The Monkeys are said to lose their control when there are no bananas around to eat.

The Camheads - whose members have an actual camera for a head. Laughing and shouting, they chase targets mainly for the fun of it.

The Clowns - are the highest ranking gang within the hunt They originally controlled the scrap yard.

Audition Details

Audition Date(s): 11/20/2018,11/21/2018
Audition City: Tempe
Audition Zip: 85281
Audition Time(s): All day
Audition Scheduling: By Appoint
Audition Protocol: cold read and prepared monologue
Audition Notes: Bring headshot, resume and prepared monologue. Arrive a little early for your appointment to receive your cold read lines.

*Those new to auditioning must read Casting Director Patrice Romero's book "How to Audition for Film/TV and Commercials With Confidence" available in e-Kindle and paperback! It is readable in one day and you will be on your way to landing roles! Here is the link to order

*Basic Members you still have time to upgrade your subscription to apply to this posting! The majority of talent chosen are premium members due to their professional profiles online and wantingness to be on set when requested (less flakey). Be a part of the NOW! You are allowed up to 12 photos online, your resume page and video upload link which will be seen by this client (don't worry if you do not have will eventually!) You can go to to log in and upgrade your subscription and immediately apply to this posting!

Desperate Records

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Now submitting talent for the upcoming web series. Review details and submit only if available.

Production Details

Project Location: Arizona
Project Type: Viral
Project Notes: We ve made over twenty features between us. So we ve got chops, and seek comedic talent to compliment it.
Project Synopsis: Desperate Records is a comedic web series about the travails of a middle aged indie record store owner in Arizona. The vibe is alternative, indie-comic humor alternately humanist and misanthropic. Actors who make the cut for the pilot will be offered recurring parts for the first "season," a slate of ten episodes, each a fleet seven minutes or less in length. We ll then try to monetize a second season, with all thespians having profit share in the show.
Union Status: Non-Union
Project Rate: copies
Project Usage: all use - with Youtube the primary outlet
Shoot/Production Date(s): TBD
Shoot Location: Mesa, Arizona

Roles/Character Breakdown

Alice (40-50) Hard-nosed Asian proprietress of a massage parlor (off screen only) in the same complex as the record store. Foil to the protagonist, Henry, a 50-ish miscreant. Kat (35-45, Asian) Henry s unrequited love. She s oblivious to his sad-sack, passive aggressive attempts at courtship. Send headshots and links to reels, please.
Role Notes: We re doing COMEDY so comedic and improvisational chops are hugely valuable to us, as is charm and sex appeal. However, there is NO nudity required for this role!

Audition Details

Audition Date(s): 10/01/2018,10/14/2018,10/15/2018,11/01/2018
Audition Location: 
Audition Address: Mesa
Audition City: 85215
Audition Scheduling: By Appoint
Audition Protocol: script provided
Audition Notes: Be prepared for a short taped improv as well as taped reading.