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Now Casting Female Model for Industrial Project in Phoenix Arizona

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 09, 2016

MovieWork Now is casting a last minute Industrial Project shooting today. Please read the entire casting alert then apply accordingly if you fit the requirements and availability.

If you know of the right person for this project and isn't part of MovieWork Now, please have them send an email immediately to


Model will sit in a vehicle simulator that will turn upside down 90 degrees for footage. This is a safe study. Model must not have any health issues.

Casting Breakdown-

Female, age 20's-50's, any ethnicity. Height and weight must be without shoes.

Height: 5'3" without shoes.

Weight: 125lbs without shoes.

Measurement Appointment-

Date: Today.

Time: ASAP before 5pm.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona.

Project Information-

Dates: Today. Wed. 3/9/16.

Time: ASAP before 5pm.

Location: North Phoenix area.

Compensation: $50 per hour with a 3 hour minimum guarantee. Keep in mind projects do take anywhere from 30-90 days to receive payment. All checks are mailed directly to your address on file.

Attire: Casual.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Non Union Actors for Television Series "Chaos Crew" Filming in Lake Havasu!

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Casting for the full season of Chaos Crew is happening now! Now casting males and females of all experience levels for several lead and supporting roles. Please read the character breakdown, show description and production details and apply if you are a qualified candidate and are interested in obtaining an audition appointment.

Production Details

Project Location: Arizona
Project Type: Television
Project Name: Chaos Crew
Project Notes: Show will be filmed in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Actors will be responsible for their own transportation.
Project Synopsis: Chaos Crew is a SITCOM TV series about five college students and their adventures. Grace, Kelli, Mei, Cori, and Ashley all attend Hubert Francis University - Home of the Fighting Flamingos. They don t really fit in with the main social groups at their college, so they form their own group - the Chaos Crew. All of them also work at Kelli s parent s coffee shop - Streetside Coffee. Together they take on the adventures, late nights, stresses, and humor that comes with the college experience. The first season will be 15 episodes long. (A spec pilot was filmed in the summer of 2017, this is casting for the full season) We are seeking actors of all experience levels. We are casting lead and supporting roles.
Union Status: Non-Union
Project Rate: Paid and unpaid roles
Project Usage: Television comedy series
Submissions Due By: 03/10/2018

Roles/Character Breakdown

See below for casting description. Characters with a "*" next to their names means they are part of the primary cast - who are essential to all future episodes and are paid roles. Note: Casting is non-guild (SGA). Age refers to age range of character - actors applying need to appear to be within the stated age range, actual age is irrelevant.

*ASHLEY ALLEN - Ashley is a gorgeous girl with very wealthy parents. She left home to get away from her parents expectations and to try and make it on her own. She is a math major and is very intelligent. She is also an avid reader and enjoys quoting her favorite authors and using polished, educated language. Despite her small size, she has an insatiable appetite and greatly enjoys good food. Ashley won t take crap from anyone and enjoys using her intelligence as a shield to keep people she doesn't care for away from her. She cannot stand shallow people and chooses the Chaos Crew over the local sorority. Age: 18-22 Dress size: 0-6 Ethnicity: Caucasian Other Casting Details: No visible tattoos preferred, but not necessarily a disqualifying factor.

NEW ROLE-*MAE LYNN: Mae is a young, vibrant, confident, plus size 18 year old who is living her dream of going to college. She loves social media, fashion, but most of all, culinary arts. She is genuinely uplifting to other people, helpful and generous. Even if she does have an "evil" personality in her kitchen. Build: Well-proportioned plus size (size 16-24+) Ethnicity: Non-Caucasian preferred, but not required.

 *GRACE SAWYER - Military Veteran attending college as a Psychology major. Avid reader - favorite author is Alexander Dumas. Has mild PTSD. She has a long distance relationship with her boyfriend, Travis Michael, an active duty soldier. Age: 21-27 Somewhat athletic to very athletic build. Dress size: See height/weight info below Ethnicity: Any Other Casting Details: Military experience preferred, but not required. Must be able to pass for a veteran recently released from active duty. Actress should be within military height/weight standards.

BEN ROSS: Ben is new to Arizona and is from Indiana. He was raised by a single mother. He has spent the last few years working with his mom to start a woman's shelter. He is a transfer student to Hubert Francis and is double majoring in Women's Studies and psychology. He's masculine and 'country' but emotionally intelligent and respectful. Age: 22-30 Build: Tall, practical athletic (a worker's body, rather than a body builder type).

NATE TURNER - Army veteran. Friendly with a good (by military standards) sense of humor. Nate is attending college using the GI Bill. He is a likeable guy and a loyal friend. Age: 25-35 Build: Athletic

Audition Details

Audition Date(s): 03/17/2018,03/18/2018
Audition City: Lake Havasu City
Audition Scheduling: By Appoint
Audition Protocol: Script provided
Audition Notes: Script will be provided at the time of appointment confirmation.

CallBack Details

Callback City: Lake Havasu City
Callback Zip: 86403
Callback Scheduling: Open Call
Callback Notes: Call backs will be held same day as auditions at 6pm.

To Apply

  1. If interested click on the "apply" link at the bottom of this casting alert.
  2. You will be directed to our online application and extra details about this casting.
  3. Type in which role you are a fit for.
  4. Please make sure your headshot is current.
  5. Confirm your availability for the shoot date (s).
  6. Type in your contact phone 1 and 2. This will also update our system.
  7. Click "apply to casting notice".
  8. A message will pop up confirming your application has been sent.
  9. Stay tuned to your email and respond promptly.
  10. No phone calls please to MovieWork Now staff.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Models For Seat Belt Study in Phoenix

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Now casting models for tomorrow's Seat Belt Study. Review details and only submit if available. Models will sit in vehicle simulator as client takes photos for court cases. This will not be broadcasted.

Models Breakdown
1. Female, 5'5"-5'6", 160lbs-179lbs, age 16-45

2. Male, 5'8"-5'9", 135lbs-145lbs, age 14-30

3. Female, 5'5"-5'6", 125lbs-135lbs, age 18-35

4. Female, 5'2"-5'4", 100lbs-120lbs, age 12-16

Study Breakdown
Date: Wednesday 3/20
Time: TBD plan on a morning start
Location: Phoenix AZ 85027
Compensation: $50 per hour, 3 hours minimum pay

To Submit
1. List the time you're available TODAY 3/19 to meet before 5pm for measurements. Those that fit the measurements will be BOOKED for tomorrow's study. Those that measure will be compensated $25.
2. Be sure to stay tuned to your email and cell.
3. Thank you

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Female Model For Surrogate Study In Phoenix

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Now casting female model for upcoming surrogate study. Please review details and submit only if available.

Model Breakdown
Female, 5'7"-5'8", 180lbs-200lbs, age 18-55

Study Breakdown
Date: Wednesday 3/20
Time: 11am
Location: Phoenix, Arizona 85027
Compensation: $50 per hour. 3 hours minimum guarantee
**Must be available to meet in advance for a measurement appointment. Pay is $25**

To Submit
1. Be sure headshot is current.
2. List your height and weight without shoes.
3. List the day and time you're available for a 15 minutes measurement appointment.
4. Stay tuned to your email including spam/junk folder.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.