Casting Calls

Please note: Casting calls from productions that request confidentiality are not shown. Talent will be selected and contacted directly.

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Now Casting Extras For Jewelry Store Commercial In Tucson Arizona

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Our team is casting Extras to play the role of customers for Good Ole Tom's jewelry store Commercial. This shoot is for the actual Grand Opening in North Tucson area.

Extras Breakdown

Men and women, ages 50+ looking, all ethnicities.

Production Details

Date: Fri. Sept. 9th. Plan on a 1/2 day of work.

Compensation: $75 flat rate. Does take 30-90 days to be paid. No travel compensation.

Location: North Tucson area.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Voter Public Service Announcement Infomercial In Miami Florida

Location: Florida

Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 07, 2016

MovieWork Now is excited to announce the details for Infomercial shooting in Miami Florida. Please read the talent breakdown carefully and apply if you are available and fit the description.

Talent Description

Hispanic: Office worker type female in her 20's.

Hispanic: Hotel Housekeeper female in her 50's.

Hispanic: Restaurant Server male or female in their 20's.

Hispanic: Female Nurse in her 40's.

Hispanic: Construction Worker Male in his 40's.

Hispanic: Teacher, female in her 30's.

Hispanic: Young latino family (Mom/Dad/Kids under 5).

African American males and females, ages 20-40's. Roles include graduate, construction worker and restaurant server.

Caucasian males and females, ages 1-40's, roles include graduate, construction worker, restaurant server and family.

Seniors, ages 60+, any ethnicities.

Production Information

Date: Sept. 13th and Sept. 14th. Possible shoot on the 11th.
Location: Miami Florida.
Compensation: $80 per day for about 3 hours on set daily.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Extras for Arizona Lottery B-Roll for Commercials and Web

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 09, 2015

MovieWork Now is casting Extras for Arizona Lottery B-Roll for commercials and web. Please read the extras breakdown carefully and apply if you are interested and available. If you are represented by an agent please check with them before applying to the alert. For those not 100 percent available to work both shoot dates, do not apply. It is very possible you may not be notified of casting until the day/night before shoot date. We ask you make yourself 100 percent available.

Extras Breakdown

Shoot Date/Time: Sat. 9/12 from 9am-4pm. Location: TBD.

We prefer to cast a family but am open to casting individual extras to make a "TV family." Synopsis: Dad and kids will be getting ready in the morning , having breakfast and hanging out.

#1: Hispanic looking Dad, must look mid-late 30's.

#2: Hispanic looking girl, age 3-4.

#3: Hispanic looking boy#1, age 8. Close to that age.

#4: Hispanic looking boy#2: age 12. Close to that age.

Shoot Date/TIme: Sun. 9/13. Time: TBD. Up to 10 hours. Location#1: Campus. Location#2: Desert doing a trail clean up. Same extras must work both scenes, no exceptions.

College students (must look like college students), ages 18-25, all ethnicities welcomed.

Production Details

Shoot Date: See above. 9/12 and 9/13.

Shoot Time: See above. Keep your wrap time flexible as it's possible to stay a bit later.

Compensation: See above. Does take 30-90 days to receive payment. MovieWork Now will mail you a check directly.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Lead Role of "Callie" for Feature Film "The Sound of Running Water"

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MovieWork Now is sending this alert out on behalf of Falling Oranges Productions who is casting a lead role for their upcoming non union feature film titled "The Sound of Running Water". Please read the character breakdown and apply if available and you meet the criteria.


A gritty dark story about a woman named Sophia who lost her mother. She has a painful relationship with her best friend. They have both gone through hard times in life and have felt degraded by men and their own personal choices. They are not the happiest go lucky women, struggling to maintain their own balance and often times that is just their loyalty to their friendship. They are not easily loved and many men look upon them as trash and easy to manipulate. This is a story from a woman's point of view of what it means to be broken, to become out casted from society, and to survive.

Character Breakdown

Callie: Age 20-30, open ethnicity. She has her own agenda to succeed and assumes that it will come easily from hard work and some casual open doors. However she is finding her luck is running out, and the longer she waits for life to come to her the more she watches it pass by. She has begun shoplifting and cutting corners, turning to alcohol and loveless relationships in order to calm her own aching heart. The only bright spot in her life is her relationship with Sophia that she feels is fading away, the more Sophia becomes consumed with her mother.

Production Details

Date: TBD
Location: Phoenix area.
Pay: Credit and meals.

Audition Information

Date: Sat. Sept. 14th & Sun. Sept. 15th

Time: By appointment only.

Location: This information will be provided once you have been invited to audition.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.