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Please note: Casting calls from productions that request confidentiality are not shown. Talent will be selected and contacted directly.

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Brand Ambassadors Team for NASCAR Event ASAP

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Saturday, February 14, 2015

MovieWork Now is casting attractive Brand Ambassadors to join our team for the HUGE NASCAR event. This is promotional work in which will entail passing out premiums and conducting tire tread evaluation.

Casting Needs

Females and males, must look 18-40 years old. Brand ambassadors must be outgoing, personable, speak English well, and be reliable. Must be able to stand for long periods of time without complaining. Time does go by fast when you're busy. Positive attitudes a MUST! Absolutely no gossip allowed; we're there to have a good time and represent.

Event Information

Dates: Sat. March 14th NOW-3:30pm and Sun. March 15th from 7:30am-3pm.
Time: See above.
Location: Phoenix International Be sure to find out the distance before applying for this event. Keep in mind this is a huge event; expect lots of traffic and delays on the I-10 freeway. If your GPS estimates your arrival time is an hour plan to leave an extra half an hour to avoid arriving late.
Wardrobe: Event T-shirt will be provided upon arrival, tan khaki OR black pants/shorts (depending on which company you will be assigned to) and comfortable tennis shoes. No jeans or sweat pants allowed.
Pay: $16 per hour. Keep in mind projects take up to 30-90 days for payment via mail. If this is an issue, don't apply. There will be a pay deduction if brand ambassador commits to work then decides last minute to call off or not show up the next day. Model (s) pay rate will automatically be reduced to $11 per hour IF model decides to not show up or call off last minute for remaining work commitment. No exceptions. This is to ensure our service to our client and not be short staffed.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Last Minute Need for Promotional Model

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Saturday, February 23, 2013

MovieWork Now has a last minute need for a promotional model to work at a business convention today (Monday), Tuesday and Wednesday. Looking for attractive outgoing professional in appearance female. Promotion is for (similar to but for nuclear industry).

Promotional Model Needs

Attractive and outgoing female, mid 20's, clean cut business look, no visible tattoos or body piercings.

Promotional Dates/Times

Monday, Feb 2/25-need model to arrive as soon as possible today! Will work till 6pm.
Tuesday 2/26-9am to 6pm.
Wednesday 2/27-9am-1:30pm

Project Information

Location: Downtown Phoenix-will be given upon booking
Pay: $15.00 per hour
Wardrobe: Business attire (slacks or skirt, business blouse, comfortable business shoes), hair and makeup must be done as well.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Male Actor for Commercial Starring Danica Patrick

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Saturday, February 23, 2013

MovieWork Now is submitting non union male talent for a Peak Oil commercial starring Danica Patrick. Auditions to take place Wednesday, February 27th in Scottsdale. Please read the talent needs very carefully and apply if you are available and fit the casting spec.

Casting Needs

Caucasian male age 40-55 years old. Non union only. This is s non speaking principal role. Comfortable and confident around cars. Looking for Bryan Cranston type from the movie "Drive". Average guy, yet seasoned and confident, positive and helpful. He's a small town neighborhood mechanic. He started working in his fathers garage as a kid, now the garage is his and proud to own it.

At the audition: talent will check under the hood, which is 2nd nature to you, you could add oil in your sleep. Maybe bring a shop rag to wipe your hands or use it to wipe off the dip stick. Your the guy everyone can count on to do the right thing. Your trustworthy and honest. You will ad lib, keep it real and feel comfortable under the hood. Dress the part if possible: simple jeans, t-shirt or work shirt, dickies, coveralls, work boots, cap. nothing too new or too old and raggedy. Bring any props you feel necessary a one day old beard is good too!

Audition Information

Date: Wednesday, February 27th.
Time: By appointment only-talent will be scheduled between 9:30am-1:00pm
Location: North Scottsdale-will be given upon booking.

Shoot Information

Date: Tuesday, March 5th-must be available all day!
Location: TBA
Pay: $500 session fee for 12 hours plus $1500 buy out.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.

Now Casting Actors and Extras for Feature Film "Suspended Life"

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Saturday, January 04, 2014

MovieWork Now is announcing this on behalf of award-winning photographer and videographer CCR in association with Donnie King Entertainment. They are currently seeking Arizona talent for their upcoming project "Suspended Life". This is a great opportunity to work on something unique and powerful. The story has a very strong message and anyone involved has an opportunity to grow as an actor and person, you get to create your character and the freedom to evolve naturally in given situations. Any language, any ethnicity, any age, any experience level are welcome. This is truly something special to be a part of!


The project "Suspended Life" is formed in the middle of 2013 inspired by true events. The project initially presents the life through the tragic world in which we live. We think we do not deserve this life but we accept the life that we think we deserve, or should we do something about it?


To inspire and motivate a generation to love one and another without question whether or not we are worthy.


To produce a film with an inspirational life story. The idea was inspired by true events. The film will be wholly objective and the subjects will be allowed to discuss what they really want in life. Love is all we need. Love always is.


To put a spark in memory that will empower a generation to give love unconditionally.


"Suspended Life" is a film which mirrors the reflection of life as we struggle through the world we live in. Who we are is the result of the choices we make as opposed to destiny.


The plots combine crime, eroticism, prejudice, discrimination, injustice, hatred, despondency and violence among deeply imperfect human beings in obscure situations in the real world. The film visually uses saturation with bits of grain, moody and diffusely lit scenes to the footage. The film will incorporate the visual effect and original archived footage along with portrayed acting to illustrate the events. The film will be delivered in a circular-like motion pace as thrills and spills on an emotional roller coaster constantly driving the audience to reflect on real life.


Sundance Film festival, International film festival, Conference, Art Show, Touring, and Online streaming.


Lead, supporting roles and background extras-ALL ages, ALL ethnicities, ALL languages, ALL experience levels.


Audtions- By appointment only. Audition dates vary.
Production Dates-January 24th-26th 2014.
Location-TBA (details will be given to those selected.
Compensation-No pay, great exposure, meals, credit for your acting resume and demo reel, promotional/marketing headshot. Feel free to check out some of their work at, or

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.