Editing your industry resume

The online industry resume is a searchable resume that is downloadable as a PDF. To add or edit your industry resume, login to the members home page. From there, you can:

Edit industry credits
If you have industry experience, even if only background extra work, then be sure to add your credits. We recommend updating your credits after every job you work on but only listing credits going back ten years. You can list any credit that pertains to the industry, whether it was a live performance or recorded performance.

Edit industry training
Have you taken a theatre class or voice lesson or other types of performance based training? Your training is valuable and a very important part of a resume so be sure to list all classes or workshops you have taken that pertain to performing or the industry in general.

Edit skills
Can you yodel while riding a unicycle? Are you great at long distance running? Clients may request talent with certain skills so be sure to list any and all skills you are proficient in.

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