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When it comes to finding the perfect talent for your upcoming project or production we've got you covered! The MovieWork Now team maintains a large selection of online talent with active and up-to-date talent profiles. We offer a diverse selection of talent with new talent profiles added daily.

In addition, our casting directors utilize talent from all reputable licensed agents in to find the perfect talent for your next production.

Before we list your audition or job on our site, it is important to familiarize yourself with our three types of casting services offered. You can always change the type of service during the casting process to ensure your project is a success.

Cast-it yourself

Cast-it yourself is our free service recommended for those that prefer to handle all of the casting details themselves or for those working on tight budgets.

MovieWork Now can post your audition, job or casting notice and send out an email notice on behalf of your production, free of charge.

Talent can then apply to your casting notice through our website. Applications are sent directly to your production email address using a consistent, formatted email body including talent info, experience and availability along with a headshot attachment. This makes sorting applications quick and more efficient compared to receiving direct submissions from talent with missing information, excessively large photo attachments or links to view their photos.

Assisted casting

Assisted casting is our hybrid service recommended to those industry professionals who prefer some "hands on" with the casting process and require additional help due to time constraints or other casting obligations. Two great examples of our assisted casting service are found below:

Example 1: Our casting directors send out your casting notice and immediately get a response of interested and available talent which are put into a talent lightbox and sent to you. After reviewing the lightbox you simply send us your selects and we will handle the communication on our end to ensure they either make it to your audition process or job booking. We charge a minimal booking fee for the hybrid services.

Example 2: If you prefer to do your own talent searches, we will provide you with a username and password which will allow you to compile your own search and easily add or remove talent to your lightbox. When you have completed your lightbox selection, you can submit your lightbox along with additional casting details or instructions to our casting team. In addition, you can create a PDF document of your lightbox to print or share with crew members. Our casting team will handle the rest! We charge a minimal booking fee for the hybrid services.

Full-service casting

MovieWork offers full-service casting to handle your entire principal or extras casting needs. From SAG actors, non union actors, Spanish speaking actors, real people, print models, body doubles, stand-ins, background extras, audience members and so much more. Our casting team has extensive experience and understands how important casting just the right talent is to your project.

We also screen and facilitate first auditions allowing you to view the audition clips online where you can choose talent for a callback audition or booking. We can assist with SAG paperwork and talent booking communication to ensure everything is covered from start to finish. No project is too big or too small for our casting team.

Now that you are familiar with our casting services, click the link below to submit your project and we can begin the casting process. We look forward to working with you!

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If you prefer to contact us by phone for a quote or additional information on our casting services, please contact us at (602) 424-3499 to discuss your casting needs.

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