Why use MovieWork Now for talent casting?

MovieWork Now along with our casting director team maintains a large talent directory with 34,501 talent profiles to select from. In addition, we utilize talent from local reputable licensed agents to help find the perfect talent for your next production.

Our casting directors can supply principal and extras casting for any size project with speed and efficiency. We're flexible and provide several casting options to fit your needs. We’re large on delivering great and friendly service and small on egos. Our focus is on your project, big or small, every time. Our casting director team can provide the following services:

  • Principal casting
  • SAG/non union casting
  • Background extras casting
  • Day players
  • Real people
  • Stand ins/body doubles
  • Audition facilities
  • Online audition posting
  • All media formats
  • On-set check in
  • Vouchers/SAG paperwork/releases
  • Spanish speaking casting assistants

If you are handling your talent casting in-house we can post your audition, job or casting notice and send out an email notice to our talent on behalf of your production, free of charge.

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