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Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Daniel Phoenix, AZ

I held a free profile on for a year and was impressed at the frequency of opportunities to which they informed me through email. But I held a skeptical attitude, until one day last week, when I saw they needed someone to fill a role that I thought would be extra fun to play. I paid my $15 for the monthly subscription, never expecting much in the way of results, especially because my own lack of experience. Later the same night, I was cast in a TV show for a major cable network. At 6:30 a.m., I was on the set. It was a one-of-a-kind experience. I met great people, ate great food and even got promoted to a part with lines in a scene with some very talented lead actors. I learned from and enjoyed the experience immensely and I felt rewarded for being on time and professional. Everyone with the production and with Moviework Now was fantastic. On top of it all, I got paid. WIN. WIN. WIN. Thank you, Moviework Now! I am eager to work for you, again, soon.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Noah Phoenix, AZ

Hi Patrice, Just wanted to say thank you for giving Noah the opportunity to be on set yesterday for the Oakland A's commercial. He had a great time and everyone was wonderful! Hope to work with you again soon! Best, Melissa

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Leah Mesa, AZ

I was involved in many productions in Los Angeles. When I moved to Phoenix, I assumed my acting days would diminish; boy was I wrong! I signed up with MovieWork now and have had numerous roles! Annie Medina, the "Casting Queen" is more than pleasurable to work with, I can't begin to express my gratitude for her promptness and professionalism. Thank you MWN for providing so many rewarding opportunities.

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