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Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Terry Chandler, AZ

I was recently booked for a print shoot for the Sheraton Resort which offered great pay. I was asked to come in and slate for the camera and answer a few questions. This is usually done to find out how the actors facial expressions will be captured in still frames, but also as an indicator of personality captured in still. (I learned this by asking). The audition process can be very daunting because there are a lot of really talented and attractive people that one will be reading against-even the most confident people begin to question themselves. I was also recently cast as the lead "Boba Fett" in an upcoming Star Wars based film, and as the lead in a film titled The Mandalorian Legacy. I have done print shoots for Miraval Resort and also did a National Claritin commercial featuring a professional Race Car Driver. It has been exciting and rewarding! I have been with MovieWork Now for just over one year and have booked several very nice projects.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Elizabeth Scottsdale, AZ

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for casting Elizabeth in the Grand Canyon University commercial. She had a wonderful time and did a fantastic job. In fact all four children that you cast for this commercial followed direction and listen like seasoned professionals. In fact the director told me that they were the best group of kids that he'd ever worked with and that a few others on the crew had similar compliments. Lizzie has so much fun and we hope to hear from you again for future opportunities.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Sarah Fountain Hills, AZ

I recently worked on a Subaru Commercial! Had a Great Experience and a Wonderful Day. With much gratitude!

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