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Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Laura Scottsdale, AZ

I recently landed a speaking part on an A & E Channel docudrama titled "The Fugitive". The show was a reenactment of the real life escape of Danny Ray Horning that took place in 1992 in Arizona. Produced by British TV's Raw Television, the show starred several local Arizona actors and I got to play the part of a mom. This audition came within the first two weeks of signing up with MovieWork. I am very pleased with the assistance Patrice and the staff gave me when auditioning and preparing. I am glad I joined this wonderful group. The audition for the Fugitive was exciting, fun, very organized and I learned quite a bit in that short time thanks to MovieWork Now. My advice is to take advantage of the classes here in Arizona and the opportunities at MovieWork Now.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Bill Phoenix, AZ

I recently landed a speaking role in the big budget feature film "L'Instinct de Mort". My roles as the sheriff allowed me to play alongside lead actor Vincent Casell. The film also stars Gerard Depardieu and Cecile De France. I had been interested in acting for 15 years but never took the initiative to do something about it. I realized you will miss all the shots in life if you never take one. I was a former Police Officer and Detective which allows me to portray realism into the character. I also used to be an actor for new Police recruits at the Police Academy posing as a drug user or a abusive husband in skits. In only four months I have made some great friends and learned so much. The staff has been really helpful.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Hllary Phoenix, AZ

I landed a speaking role as a “Catfish Mascot” for a recent Indiana Farm Bureau commercial. I really enjoyed portraying this fun character due to the creative freedom it allowed. I was chosen by the Award Winning Comedy Director Anibal Suarez due to my "cheerful, cheerleader" quality. I have since been in several commercials and billboards and am currently represented by the Deborah Maddox Agency in Scottsdale, AZ.

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