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Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Mark Glendale, AZ

I was cast as the main Bounty Hunter for a series promo for the new reality TV show “Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter”. It was such a great experience on the set and the production company treated us very well. The scene involved pretending to do a raid on a home. I have been interested in acting for about five years now and I have been told several times that I look like Stone Cold Steve Austin. I seem to pull off the bald look! I actually came to MovieWork Now because my youngest son wanted to act and when they took one look at me, they told me I had a strong presence and asked if I was a wrestler. They said I will stand out on camera, so I went for it. I have had two gigs so far and I am trying to learn as much as possible.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Ian Phoenix, AZ

I recently landed a principal part for a National Ping commercial. The commercial was shot on the Quintero Golf course, which was really nice. I guess I won over the director at the audition with my golf swing and personality. I got to play lots of golf on the shoot!

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Carolyn Chandler, AZ

I recently worked for a print advertisement for Taylor Woodrow Homebuilder. The print advertisement was shot at a new development in Chandler and I got to play the part of a young grandmother baking cookies in the kitchen with her grandkids. I did not have to audition and the staff from MovieWork Now submitted my photo and I was selected for the scene from this. It was really fun!

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