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Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Vaneska Scottsdale, AZ

I have worked on a couple of things since joining MovieWork Now. One was a National Subway Commercial as well as a Print Ad for Las Palmas Grande Residential Community. I first knew I wanted to be an actor when I was a teenager. I attended a theatrical production and fell in love with the energy of the audience and the wonderful talent of the actors. Since that day, acting has been a passion for me. I was so excited to be chosen for the Subway commercial due to this being my first major commercial in the United States. I am originally from Brazil. I am very grateful that I found MovieWork Now! They have given me the opportunity to live my dream.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

John Paul Queen Creek, AZ

I had the pleasure of working as a stand-in for actor Jason Bateman on the set of the feature film "The Kingdom"! After I did stand in work for several days I was then called back to play an FBI agent. While on the set, director Peter Berg spotted me and the next thing I knew I was given a small speaking part opposite Jamie Foxx! When I signed on with MovieWork Now without industry experience or training, I was expecting to get mostly extra work. I never imagined I would land a small speaking part in a Universal Pictures feature film! The Casting Director said this happens all the time with their talent. I can’t wait to work on more projects!

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Rhett Phoenix, AZ

I recently had the privilege of working around an Emmy Nominated director in the beautiful environment of Sedona, AZ for a destinations video for Disney. Since signing with Movie work Now I have received many call backs and participated in more than a half dozen projects, including, The Kingdom, a Gatorade Commercial with Derek Jeter, Nuclear & Comet which where both BBC Docudramas.

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