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Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Jackie Mesa, AZ

I started acting at age 10 with MovieWork and was chosen for a featured extra role in "Surviving Disaster: Iran Hostage Rescue" a docudrama about Staff Sgt. J.J. Byers who survived the 1980 Iran hostage rescue attempt. I also worked as a featured extra after almost landing a lead role in the feature film “Moonpie” starring Michael McDonald and Stephanie Weir from Mad TV. I guess the production company was impressed because they want to fly me to France this summer for a screen test for a movie there. I also recently finished a featured role in the Tom Proctor feature film “Sugar Creek Killer”. I would like to be a well known great actor and be in a movie with Jackie Chan so I am pushing toward my goal!

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Daniel Tucson, AZ

I have always had a secret passion for music and acting but never thought of pursuing either until now. I was always inspired by "Spaghetti Westerns" because of the realistic detail to the era and even had an opportunity to play an Apache Indian in the late 60's in a western titled "High Chaparral" shot at Old Tucson studios. I recently was chosen for a print advertisement campaign for the Arizona Lottery which will appear in several media publications. I was called by MovieWork Now to go to an audition in Phoenix and at the audition they had me make several facial expressions and dance around as if I won the lottery. It was very quick and they were all very friendly. I got a call a few days later telling me that I was picked for the print portion of this job. The shoot was really fun and I have been treated so well by everyone at MovieWork Now and the production company.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Byron Avondale, AZ

I have been so busy since joining MovieWork Now back in 1996! I recently finished my first leading role as Max in an Action/Thriller Indie “The Crossroads of Fate” and just finished a small part in the Universal Pictures “Jarhead”. I am currently working as a principal actor in a film titled “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. I started my acting career with roles in "Robin Cook's Invasion", and Brett Michaels film “No Code of Conduct”. I have appeared on The Young and Restless and had a principal part in independent film titled "Blue Lake Massacre". I have also done numerous commercials in Phoenix which include a national Arizona Diamondbacks and Powerbar commercial. I have obtained my SAG card and am currently signed with Dani’s Agency as well as a Manager in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Since I was 14 years old I have been interested in acting and pretending to be heroes and villains! This would not have been possible without the guidance and support of MovieWork Now!

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