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Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Mike Phoenix, AZ

I was recently chosen for a National Gatorade commercial playing the part of the NY Yankees third base coach. This was starring Harvey Keitel. The production company actually created an additional part for me after seeing my audition. For over nine years now. Life on the set is a great experience. You meet new people, see old friends, dress in wardrobe from anytime in the past, present or future and they feed you. In all these years, I have been doing extra work and being fortunate enough to get a part with "meat". I have had so few bad days on the set, they seem to be of no relevance. Good manners, gratitude and respect for the talent (that's us, by the way), is the rule on the set. I have had some limited stage performances in my younger years, which got me started. My first experience in film and television was through MovieWork Now. I have learned to be myself, faking it does not work.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

William Palm Springs, AZ

I have been so busy since joining MovieWork a year ago that I am now turning down movie roles! I recently landed a speaking part on the set of the BBC Docudrama titled "Nuclear". I was initially cast as an FBI extra but the BBC director decided to upgrade me to a principal actor! In addition, I just completed an industrial shoot for Corpedia Corporation and also got to work several days on the set of Universal Pictures feature film "The Kingdom" starring Jamie Foxx and also the Independent Film "Yesterday’s Tomorrow". I have even been asked by the “Nuclear” production crew to go to London for another BBC production next year! Things are going very well and I have loved every minute of it!

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Kimberly Phoenix, AZ

I was offered my first job as Jennifer Garner's stand-in in the upcoming movie "The Kingdom". Shortly thereafter, I was offered a print ad job for SRP. When I was called for it I was completely blown away by the pay. I made more money modeling for 4 hours than I do in 2 weeks at my regular job! I was ecstatic! I had a lot of fun, too. I felt so special. I had my own stylist which felt very "celebrity". I have always dreamed of working as an actress but I'm glad that I haven't had coaching or training. I like it that I have raw talent.

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