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Success Stories - MovieWork Now

McKenna Phoenix, AZ

I love Moviework Now!! I initially started with them in 2007 and right away had bookings for commercials with Massage Envy & Toyota as well as some print work. I moved away for awhile and when I returned one of the first things I did was sign back up with MWN. Since starting up again I've been in Major League Baseball, Tilted Kilt, & AZ Lottery Commercials, University of Phoenix & Kona Grill print ads, among other extra work that has all been so rewarding and FUN! I highly recommend MWN for their professionalism and the amazing opportunities they offer.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Tiffani Phoenix, AZ

I have been a member of Movie Work Now since 2012. I was booked to work on set as an extra for an Arizona Lottery Commercial in October of last year and I had a lot of fun. I was only booked to play one extra but the director needed myself and a few other actors to portray other "real life" professional roles so I managed to remain flexible and in this industry you have to be. My membership expired this month in June and I renewed my membership again this year. The staff at Movie Work Now are amazing and I am very glad to be apart of the team. My advice to anyone who is looking for work in the acting or modeling industry is you have to be patient. Even if you apply for a role and you don't get it, it doesn't mean you are not good enough. Casting directors really have to work hard at ensuring they have the right person who fits the look and feel of a particular character's personality. The more you try, network, and practice the better you will become at pursuing anything in your life.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Michael Phoenix, AZ

I have worked with MovieworkNow for over a year and a half. Recently I was contacted by Patrice Farner, who informed me that a client that I had formerly worked with requested to have me return for a commercial shoot. Although I had not been involved in any projects for them for nearly 9 months due to me returning to school to finish my degree, MovieworkNow was quick to accommodate. For the second year in a row I have had the amazing opportunity of being involved with the Oakland Athletics' spring training commercials! Working with MovieworkNow has been a wonderful experience and I recommend them to anyone trying to get in the business. Annie Medina and Patrice Farner are top notch when it comes to their professionalism and dedication to providing excellent service to all of your clients in the industry. Thanks again to both of you ladies and a special thanks to MovieworkNow.

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