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Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Michael Phoenix, AZ

I have worked with MovieworkNow for over a year and a half. Recently I was contacted by Patrice Farner, who informed me that a client that I had formerly worked with requested to have me return for a commercial shoot. Although I had not been involved in any projects for them for nearly 9 months due to me returning to school to finish my degree, MovieworkNow was quick to accommodate. For the second year in a row I have had the amazing opportunity of being involved with the Oakland Athletics' spring training commercials! Working with MovieworkNow has been a wonderful experience and I recommend them to anyone trying to get in the business. Annie Medina and Patrice Farner are top notch when it comes to their professionalism and dedication to providing excellent service to all of your clients in the industry. Thanks again to both of you ladies and a special thanks to MovieworkNow.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Chuck Scottsdale, AZ

Play golf or do some work for Moviework Now? was the question I asked myself. I am so glad I choose to be an extra/background or what ever I was doing because it was fun and the staff was very professional. We had plenty to eat and drink and easy to follow direction. I would do it again folks--it was actually more fun than when I actually worked in films for Warner Bros many years ago.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Daniel Phoenix, AZ

I held a free profile on for a year and was impressed at the frequency of opportunities to which they informed me through email. But I held a skeptical attitude, until one day last week, when I saw they needed someone to fill a role that I thought would be extra fun to play. I paid my $15 for the monthly subscription, never expecting much in the way of results, especially because my own lack of experience. Later the same night, I was cast in a TV show for a major cable network. At 6:30 a.m., I was on the set. It was a one-of-a-kind experience. I met great people, ate great food and even got promoted to a part with lines in a scene with some very talented lead actors. I learned from and enjoyed the experience immensely and I felt rewarded for being on time and professional. Everyone with the production and with Moviework Now was fantastic. On top of it all, I got paid. WIN. WIN. WIN. Thank you, Moviework Now! I am eager to work for you, again, soon.

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