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Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Hans Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for the opportunity today at the auction I enjoyed it immensely, I hope Movie Work Now can help me secure more assignments in the future as this was my first. Thanks Hans

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Paul Mesa, AZ

I went and auditioned for the part you sent me, (old pro-wrestler) and am pleased to tell you I got the role!!!! The director (Matt) called me yesterday to tell me I had been chosen! I'm super pumped. You rock, so as things progress I will keep you in the loop. It shoots in October. I'm ready to start auditioning a lot more. My health is great, and I'm in the best shape of my life right now. I'm 38, but feel like I'm in my 20's again! Have the best day, you are seriously awesome!

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Daniel Litchfield Park, AZ

I have to say I am pleased to be 2 for 3 in landing roles offered by Movie Work Now. I have only been associated with MWN casting for less than 3 months. I was offered a principle role in an internet documentary for The producer Carolynn Delaney was a delight to work with. She even let me choose the location of the shoot. Awesome! My second job just cast, shot, and wrapped this week. I was cast opposite race car driver Danica Patrick in a PEAK oil and anti-freeze commercial. I have had some pretty awesome experiences in my previous military career, being mere feet away from heads of state, dictators, and terrorists. I have to say, this was not a bad experience to put in the "been there, done that, got the T-shirt" column of my bucket list. Annie and Patrice have been a delight to work with although we have yet to meet. Thanks MWN casting!

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