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Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Leah Mesa, AZ

I was involved in many productions in Los Angeles. When I moved to Phoenix, I assumed my acting days would diminish; boy was I wrong! I signed up with MovieWork now and have had numerous roles! Annie Medina, the "Casting Queen" is more than pleasurable to work with, I can't begin to express my gratitude for her promptness and professionalism. Thank you MWN for providing so many rewarding opportunities.

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Marcus Phoenix, AZ

I have been working work MovieWorkNow for several months and so far it has been a very exciting time. I've been cast in 5 roles in 7 weeks and have been having a blast. All the people involved, from MovieWorkNow, the crews, the other talent, etc have been wonderful to work with. So many creative people and amazing personalities as well. Each time I get called for an audition or to show up on set I get excited b/c I know I'm going to be around enthusiastic, fun, and generally nice people. I am grateful for all the people I have met in such a short period of time...all thanks to MovieWorkNow!

Success Stories - MovieWork Now

Beth Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you, MovieWork Now, for casting me in the recent Arizona Lottery commercial. I had a blast on set and worked with some great people. I was impressed with the detailed emails, sent by Patrice and Annie, that provided everything I needed to know to prepare for the shoot. I am excited to work with MovieWork Now on future projects, and would recommend them to anyone.

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