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Casting Calls

Now Casting Discovery ID TV Series "Love The Way You Lie" Episode 3

Now submitting talent for Episode 3 of "LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE"!

MovieWork Now is proud to announce we have been hired to handle the background casting for RAW TV a 6 episode TV series for Discovery ID (Investigative Discovery True Crime Stories). All 6 episodes will film in and around the Phoenix area starting April 8th - May 16th. We will announce the upcoming roles as we move forward with this series. The first two episodes were a huge success and production is very happy with everyone involved!

The following are the talent needs for Episode 3. Please read the talent breakdowns and apply if you are a match and are available next week to be a part of this third episode. You must have a flexible schedule as we do not have specific shoot dates, locations or times for the following roles listed. We need new faces so if you were booked on Episode 1 or 2 please DO NOT apply!

Synopsis: No synopsis available at this time.

Talent Needs for week of April 22nd - April 25th (New Faces Only!)

Featured Roles

  • Detective-Male age 40's, any ethnicity, clean cut appearance, law enforcement look, on camera experience preferred.
  • Supervisor- Female age 50's, any ethnicity, clean cut, on camera experience preferred.

Background Extra Roles (Each person may play multiple roles!)

  • Receptionist/Holiday Party Guest 1 - Attractive female early 30's, clean cut, physically fit, any ethnicity.
  • Office Worker/Holiday Party Guest 2/House Party Guest 1/Forensic Investigator - Male, age 30-40, clean cut, nice appearance.
  • Office Worker/Holiday Party Guest 3 - Male age 30-40, attractive and clean cut.
  • Office Worker/Holiday Party Guest 4 - Male age 30-40, attractive and clean cut.
  • Office Worker/Holiday Party Guest 5 - Male age 30-40, attractive and clean cut.
  • Office Worker/Holiday Party Guest 6 - Female age 30-40, attractive and clean cut.
  • Office Worker/Holiday Party Guest 7- Female age 30-40, attractive and clean cut.
  • Laurie Office Worker 1/Bartender - Male age 30-50, any ethnicity
  • Lauri Office Worker 2/Detective/Holiday Party Guest 8 - Male age 30-50, any ethnicity
  • Laurie Office Worker 3/Corrections Officer/Holiday Party Guest 9 - Male age 30-50, any ethnicity
  • Laurie Office Worker 4/Inmate/Holiday Party Guest 10/House Party Guest 2 - Female age 30-50, any ethnicity
  • Laurie Office Worker 5/Holiday Party Guest 11/House Party Guest 3/Forensics Investigator - Female age 30-50, any ethnicity
  • Laurie Office Worker 6/Holiday Party Guest 12 - Female age 30-50, any ethnicity
  • Officer Ann Weed - Caucasian female early 30's, on-camera experience required. *do not apply for this role if you do not have experience!
  • Police Officer/Forensics Investigator - Male age 30-40, any ethnicity, clean cut, law enforcement look
  • Medical Examiner - Male or Female age 30-40, any ethnicity, clean cut

Production Details

Dates: April 22nd-25th. Talent will only work 1-2 days on set.

Times: TBD-you must be available all day! We are getting a lot of people applying and getting booked who then flake the night before saying they have to go to work! Do not apply if you have any conflicts or even the slightest chance of having a class or work or other conflicts. This creates a huge problem!

Locations: TBD

Compensation: Featured Extras earn $125 flat rate for up to 12 hours. Time and a half over 12 hours. $25 bump if given speaking line on set. Background extras earn $100 flat for up to 12 hours and 1.5 over 12.

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Leah Mesa, AZ

I was involved in many productions in Los Angeles. When I moved to Phoenix, I assumed my acting days would diminish; boy was I wrong! I signed up with MovieWork now and have had numerous roles! Annie Medina, the "Casting Queen" is more than pleasurable to work with, I can't begin to express my gratitude for her promptness and professionalism. Thank you MWN for providing so many rewarding opportunities.

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