Casting directors who share your vision

Our goal at MovieWork Now is to provide industry professionals with a large variety of diverse talent with speed and efficiency. We accomplish this by utilizing talent from both local talent agencies and our extensive talent directory.

When casting we listen to your needs. We ask lots of questions. We really try to share your vision and match the right talent to your production. Our talent screening processes are tried-and-tested and our team is about delivering great and friendly service; that’s part of the package on every project, big or small, every time.

A quick look at our casting credits reflects our experience in films, commercials, tv productions, and print advertising. Our clients range from global film studios and international advertising agencies to local production companies and small independent filmmakers.

Our clients believe in the value of good casting. We welcome the opportunity to share our client testimonials with you. Contact us today to discuss how we can do the same for you.

Patrice Farner - Casting Director

Patrice Farner

Patrice has always had an interest in connecting people together. She feels that clients want to meet and book people not actors. Discovering new talent and teaching them to "be real" is something she gets a lot of pleasure out of. When she's not busy prepping an audition or running a casting session, she can be found hiking while listening to the latest trance albums, which she calls "her fountain of youth".

Annie Medina - Assistant Casting Director

Annie Medina

Assistant Casting Director Annie Medina has worked with MovieWork Now for over a decade. Her small town upbringing helped install great work ethics...just ask her boss! When not glued to her laptop, exercise has been her "go to" and she really enjoys the challenge of Functional Fitness. Annie also loves cooking, good ole fashion cookouts, all genres of music and watching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu matches.