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Please note: Casting calls from productions that request confidentiality are not shown. Talent will be selected and contacted directly.

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Now Submitting Talent For International Feature Film

Location: Florida

Application Deadline: Friday, February 01, 2019

Now submitting talent for upcoming International Feature Film shooting in Cuba and Spain. Please read the talent needs carefully and apply if you are available and interested. Talent must have a valid passport to travel.

Talent Description:

All Actors must be fluent in both English and Spanish with a convincing Cuban accent.

JOSE: Cuban man, 50's, he is robust, loud and tacky, grey short hair/wavy. 8 shoot days in Cuba.

ROQUE: Cuban man, 30's, average build, street smart. Works odd jobs but supplements his income as an FBI Informant. Shoots 4 days in Cuba and Spain.

SLINGMAN: Cuban man, 40's, FBI agent, tall, thin and balding. Cautious. Shoots 2 days in Cuba and Spain.

HECTOR: Latin man, 40's, US Customs Officer, stern and diligent. 1 shoot day in Spain.

EL TIGRE: Cuban man, late 60's, leader of the PUND, aggressive anti-castro paramilitary, snide and tough drug trafficer. 4 days shoot in Cuba.

LUIS: Cuban man, late 60's, Cuban exiled, anti-castro militant and former CIA agent. 2 days shoot in Cuba and Spain.

GABRIEL: Colombian man, 70's, grey hair and mustache. Kind, passionate, eloquent, and soft spoken.1 shoot day in Cuba.

LUCIA: Chilean-American woman, 40's, tv journalist, 1 shoot day in Cuba.

OFFICER 1 and OFFICER 2: Male or Female, age 30-50's, Native US English speaker, Military officer stationed in Guantanamo Bay. 1 shoot day in Cuba.

NEWSCASTER: Latino Female or Male, 30's-50's, 1 shoot day in Cuba.

AL: Latino Male, 40's, FBI agent, tanned, burly with curly gray hair. 1 shoot day in Cuba.

HOSTESS: Cuban female, 25-50, Upper crust Cuban living in Miami, smiling socialite, hostess of BBQ, laden with jewelry. 1 shoot day in Cuba.

ADVISOR: Middle aged male, any ethnicity, Native US English speaker. US Dept of State Rep. Government official.1 shoot day in Cuba.

MACK: Caucasian Male, 50's, Native US English Speaker, counselor to president and special envoy for the Americans. Southern American CEO type.1 day shoot in Cuba.

RICHARD: Caucasian male, 40's, Native US English Speaker, Chief counter terrorism adviser. Business type, sharp. 1 day shoot in Cuba.

LARRY: Caucasian male, 40's, Native US English Speaker, New York Times Journalist. Preppy, articulate, receding hairline, black hair, tall. 1 shoot day in Cuba.

ANN LOUISE: Caucasian female, 40's, Native US English speaker, NY Times Journalist, sassy, clever and thin. 1 shoot day in Cuba.

MARIA: Cuban American female, 20's-30's, journalist and tv correspondent. Native US English speaker, ivy league type, clever, keen and articulate. 1 shoot day in Cuba.

Shoot Details

Shoot Date: Starts Feb 4, 2019
Shoot/Production Location: Cuba and Spain
Compensation: $933 per day for 8 hours + travel expenses

Now Submitting Talent For Stock Photography Shoot

Location: Florida

Application Deadline: Monday, December 17, 2018

Now submitting talent for Stock Photography Shoot. Please read the talent breakdown and apply if you are available and fit the description.

Talent Description:

REAL HISPANIC FAMILIES: Mom, Dad, two kids and grandparents a plus but not required.

Production Information:

Date: Dec 18 and Dec 19
Location: Miami Florida
Compensation: Half day: $100 Full day: $150 per day

Now Casting Talent For Industrial

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Monday, December 17, 2018

Our team is casting male model for an upcoming Industrial. Read the entire casting alert then apply accordingly if you fit the requirements and availability.


Surrogate Study: Model will sit in vehicle while engineer takes photos and measurements. This will be used in court case investigation. We'll have a nurse on site to interview briefly before conducting project.

Casting Breakdown-

Male, any ethnicity, age 18-60 looking, must fit the following measurements without shoes:

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 150lbs-155lbs

Measurement Appointment-

Date: ASAP

Time: Anytime between 8am-4:45pm. Appointment will only take 15 minutes

Location: Phoenix, Arizona 85027

Compensation: $25 flat rate

Project Information-

Date: Monday 12/17

Time: TBD

Location: Phoenix Arizona 85027 (exact address will be provide upon booking)

Compensation: $50 per hour with a 3 hour minimum guarantee. Keep in mind projects do take anywhere from 30-90 days to receive payment. All checks are mailed directly to your address on file.

Attire: Casual

Now Submitting Talent For Feature Film Titled Temple

Location: Florida

Application Deadline: Monday, December 17, 2018

Now submitting talent for Feature Film Titled Temple. Please read the talent breakdown and apply if you are available and fit the description.

Talent Description:

PASTOR: Male, age 50-60

RAMIRA: Female, Hispanic, age 50-60

DANEISY'S: Female, Hispanic, age 50-60

ROSA: Female, Hispanic, age 50-60

JAZMIN BABY: 2-4 months

JAZMIN OLDER: age 5-10

OFFICER #1, #2, #3: Age 20-50, any ethnicity

REPORTER: age 20-40

CHURCH WOMAN: Female, age 30-50

PAUL: age 20

SOPHY: age 40-50 

YUPPY: Male, age 30-40

Production Information:

Date: 2nd week in December
Location: Miami Florida
Compensation: $100 flat rate per day