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04/03/2021 MovieWork Now Announcements

Location: National

Application Deadline: Monday, May 31, 2021

Before the audition happens get in the know...

MovieWork Now Casting Membership Platform
MovieWork Now is an Arizona based casting company which handles and announces real live castings for Film/TV and Commercial projects.  Being a paid member is NOT required but highly recommended. Many of our recurring members are long time friends, fellow actors, newbies and even competitors! We do encourage you to try the full membership platform which allows you priority in casting (your more likely to show up!), more photo uploads (perfect dozen!), your link to your personal actor demo or actor page and you come up first in searches (once again your more likely to show up!). The annual membership is only $72.00 for the entire year. No refunds if you proceed as there are monthly ($15 per month) and quarterly ($30 every 4 months/quarter) options. If you wish to turn off your recurring part then email us at and give us your name...after you sign up! See you on set even if its your own home!

See Patrice Farner of MovieWork Now's credits here: Patrice Farner - IMDb

Now since many of you have bought MovieWork Now Casting Directors Patrice Farner (Romero)'s book "Audition For Film, Television and Commercial Projects With Confidence: A How To Guide To Prepare You Before The Audition" we encourage you to reach out to your local headshot photographers, acting coaches, theaters and agents and get going!

Its NEVER TO LATE to order your copy to truly understand the audition process without leaving your home. When you make money we make money! Keep in mind we do not announce all of our projects due to confidentiality and talent are submitted and chosen behind the scenes!

Order today on Amazon!

Difference Between Licensed Talent Agents, Personal Managers and Casting Companies
Licensed Talent Agents represent you, are licensed by the Department of Labor and are SAG/Franchised; allowing them to represent union and non union talent and earn commissions when you book a job. Between 10-20% is the norm and they will also charge their client another 10-20% for a booking fee. SAG is a mandatory 10% to the agent. Many require talent to pay for hosting of their headshots and actors demo on the agents site. Normally a minimal yearly fee (around $100) and talent must have either the experience or ability to meet their requirements (photos, acting classes, etc.). Agents sign on as many qualified actors as possible due to the ever changing schedules of actors. The more they can book on a job the more money they make...this is a business!!

Personal Managers may take on minimal clients under their roster and are a more personal management option found in places like Los Angeles and bigger cities! They can work with the local SAG/Franchised agents as well to help secure projects to each state. They take on the roll of an as agent as well but are not required to have a SAG/Franchised license. Personal Managers may take a commission for fees incurred while marketing you and will keep close tabs on you to ensure you have the proper tools to succeed.

Casting Directors and Casting Companies source talent from Licensed Talent Agents, Personal Managers and Real People Avenues (holding open casting calls, facebook, craigslist, and various newsfeeds) as well as their own database to secure the proper talent requested by each production. Casting directors and casting companies do not take commissions from talent earnings but are paid by the production companies and advertising agencies. Some have an online listing site like us here at you can join for a minimal fee as an actor or new talent seeking opportunities or just something to do for fun when you have the time. Many actors got their start doing extra work!! Surprisingly as well, many of our talent are chosen for speaking roles, day player roles, modeling gigs and front and center opportunities. MovieWOrkNow is versed in SAG/Franchise castings, real people castings, actors, models and extras castings of all ages. As of right now we are not holding in person auditions but many of our clients are doing online castings and holding auditions in their own offices to keep the costs down.

MovieWork Now Talent and Client Stories
If you worked on a cool project or utilized actors and want to share your experience with us for our site please email the following:
Your name
The project name
Type of project and a short paragraph describing your experience on set!
Include a recent photo or company logo attachment or let us know if you are a member.

MovieWork Now Casting Team

Feature Film "Dante's Ring" is Looking for Actors, DayPlayers and Extras - National Casting

Location: National

Application Deadline: Sunday, January 31, 2021

Zeiler Productions is looking for online actors for their feature film titled "Dante's Ring". All casting, rehearsal and readings will take place via Zoom. This is a National project and is open to all ages, genders and ethnicities. Copy and credit only. Be sure to apply to this exciting drama titled "Dante's Ring" as soon as you are able so you can show off those acting skills!

Production Details

Project Location: National
Project Type: Feature Film
Project Name: Dante's Ring
Project Notes: Dante's Ring is a feature film that follows Irish-immigrant welterweight boxer Dante Daredevil O'Brien in the early 1950's Midwest, starts taking dives until the local crime-syndicate takes notice, threatening his life as well as those closest to him. Dante finds himself in the fight of his life.
Project Synopsis: Zeiler Productions is a multi-faceted production company with work in live entertainment, film, and other entertainment ventures. The purpose of our Writing Room Readings is to aid the writer in finding and/or solidifying their creative voice. Zeiler Productions encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender, identities, and ages to submit. All rehearsals and reading will take place via Zoom.
Union Status: Non-Union
Project Rate: N/A
Project Usage: Writer's Review
Submissions Due By: 01/31/2021
Submission Notes: Have fun recording a 1-3 minute video that highlights your voice and available accents.
Shoot/Production Date(s): To be determined
Shoot Location: Online
Shoot Notes: Online Readings

Roles/Character Breakdown

Dante O'Brien, 39-40, Dublin Born US Immigrant, prize-fighter. Marcus King, 42, Southern born, black trainer and unlikely friend of Dante. Chuck Kramer, 60, owner and operator of the boxing gym that Dante and Marcus use. Victor Moretti, Mob boss who owns boxers, their families and will do anything to see his son succeed. Tricia, Dante's love interest. Linda O'Brien, Dante's American-born ex-wife who still believes in her husband and father of their child. Additional roles are available.

Submissions Email:

Submissions Notes: Record a 1-3 minute video that highlights your voice and available accents. Submit via and send the link to Attention: Casting Department.

We encourage you to attach your online resume and headshot as well when submitting. Make sure your headshot is up to current! You can download this once you log in at

Stay tuned to your email and respond promptly if contacted. Roles are not guaranteed.

Save the Date - Arizona Production Association Online Membership Meeting is 2/9/2021

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Dear MovieWork Now Talent,

MovieWork Now Highly supports the Arizona Production Association and invites you to attend their annual online membership meeting happening on February 9, 2021. They are instrumental in bringing productions to the state of Arizona and have been for many, many years. If you are a filmmaker, director, agent, hair/ makeup artist, camera operator, wardrobe stylist, production company, it is a must have and a great place to advertise your behind the scenes skill(s) within the film/TV production community and get business!  This is a fee based platform but highly worth it if you reside in Arizona. Here you more resource to help us connect!

MovieWork Now Casting Team

Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the board of the Arizona Production Association, I would like to extend a personal invitation to join us for our annual membership meeting coming up Tuesday, February 9, at 7:00 pm.

Our annual event is the first opportunity in the new year for our members and all of Arizona's production community to get together, hear from our state and local film offices, and meet the APA's board and committee leaders who will carry us through the current calendar year. We will reflect and take stock of what Arizona production looked like in 2020, how our industry wildly had to adapt for survival, and how we can all move forward together into the future.

In order to continue keeping a group this size safe and healthy, this year our event will be completely remote via Zoom. We're eliminating your drive time, getting you in on time and skipping the line, and you can have your beverage of choice in hand. (We will all miss the BBQ!) And you know what - let's look at this as a great chance to lean into the convenience of taking this call from the comfort of your own home or office, and we are delighted to easily include guests from across our great state of Arizona to attend.

This event welcomes both members of the APA and guests alike. If you are an existing member, THANK YOU for your support and continuing to be a part of our organization. If you are new to Arizona or unfamiliar with our organization, we welcome you and encourage you to be part of the AZ community and join in as a member of the APA. There is power in numbers, and the APA is assembled as the foundation of neighborly support to champion each other and our industry across all of Arizona. Together, we have a louder voice.

Don't make excuses - get in, get on, and join us. Be part of something bigger than yourself. We look forward to seeing you all on the 9th!

Registered is required, and you can do that HERE!


Rachel Neil Davidson

President of the Board of Directors 2020-2021

Arizona Production Association

Now Casting Extras for Grand Canyon University Commercial in Phoenix Arizona

Location: Arizona

Application Deadline: Friday, April 01, 2016

MovieWork Now is casting Extras for the upcoming Grand Canyon University Commercial. Extras will play the role of students and some will play teachers upon directors discretion.

Please read entire alert before applying. Non-speaking. Non-union.

Casting Specifics

Males and females, must appear between the ages 20-35, any ethnicity.

If you have an agent and are exclusive to them please check with them regarding the rate prior to applying.

Production Details

Shoot Date: Sun. April 3rd.

Shoot Location: TBD. Phoenix area.

Shoot Time: TBD. Must be flexible with time.

Compensation: $100 per day. Does take between 30-90 days to receive payment.

We are no longer accepting applications for this project.